Sunday, 24 July 2011

Perkins 4108 diesel engine temperature gauge and the Hillman Imp

Now what can these two possibly have in common? well they were both built in the UK some common parts like Lucas generator and alternators were the same but in my case I have made an Imp water temperature sender unit fit the Perkins cylinder head using an Imp oil gallery fitting!

The code on the sender unit reads FAE 29L,left click any picture for a larger size view.

The top fitting with the red cap is an Imp engines water temperature sender unit,the lower fitting which has a
3/4"thread and fits the Perkins 4108 sender hole in the cylinder head is really the take off from an Imps oil gallery,the oil pipe to the oil gauge on the dashboard came out of that once.

I asked Peter,a local  engineer to drill and tap the hole and thread,leaving the sender units end far enough out into the water space in the Perkins 4108.

The metal base unit has been electro galvanised.

Why go to all this bother,well the Imps sender costs just six pounds,the VDO gauge it will be connected to can be expected to cost a lot more,yes, I tested them and the Lucas sender unit works on the VDO 50mm water temperature gauge!


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