Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The D and W Boatworks,Arizona

Dave and Wendy bought a Didi Mini Transat kit from us some while back,the build has been long but very proffesional as Dave is an airframe engineer and wanted to introduce some of his own ideas into his new boat.

Daves standard of work is top class and having painted the insides of two of these boats white,I know that the bright woodwork Dave chose in varnish is by far the best way to go.

Note,when Running With Scissors was launched here in Cape Town,it was the very first cant keel boat ever in South Africa,or was that Africa,I think so?

All pictures taken from the D&W Boatworks site.

Welcome to Our Web site!

We are building a Dudley Dix designed, CKD Boats kit, of an Open 6.50 Meter or "Mini".

Ours will have the canting keel and water ballast.
We live in Phoenix, Arizona USA, and plan to sail it in Southern California costal races,
as well as our local racing and just sailing a fast boat! (their J 22)

CKD Boats cc have the moulds to the Didi Mini Transat keel and have supplied many sets world wide so far.

Dave made his own cant keel foil,we can supply them and the fixed version too.

Keel lead ballast halves painted and ready to fit.


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