Saturday, 12 September 2015

Wanted, Kangol magnetic seat belts

These are circa 1967 or thereabouts, its really just the plastic lift ends I need,  as the rest of the set is in working condition in my 1967 Hillman Imp Californian.

My thanks to the MGB Club and Google for the use of their picture.

The plastic lifter's  have been broken due to the rear  metal seat leg  being placed on the plastic.

Can anyone supply these or tell me who has them?

The Californian coupe has just been through a fifteen month restoration, the car is still not complete,it is liceneced and  can be driven daily if required.


Hout Bay near Cape Town, South Africa.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Joinery wood working hand tools

All of the quality tools that are on the work bench can often be found as used items in jumbles and auctions.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

With todays easy access to so called power tools many wood working tasks are done with machines.

They are less suited for the type of work in the picture,the job is to rebate the teak (plantation grown) grate to enable it to fit on the new okoume / epoxy shower tray.

This type of work can be very satisfying ,it is not difficult work and saves the high cost of the power tools and the related cutters, its a whole lot safer too (smile)

Power tools such as a belt sander do have their place of course.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Bombaloza scull CNC panel set

This design by Dave Hartwanger is becoming well known now?

Click on the image to enlarge it.

The panel on the floor is the 18mm  pine ply builders jig. There are then three 4mm okoume marine plywood panels that form the hull of the scull.

At under R7000 with Vat.  We supply the epoxy and glass tapes, filler powders also, this is an excellent buy,.

Plans are R500 which is payable to the designer.

Light weight Okoume marine plywood

There is a very good reason that our dinghy and boat kits are mainly made from Okoume marine plywood to BS1088 grade, weight.

Check this shower water catch tray, even with its epoxy fillets in the corners and a coating of epoy to seal the surface, the weight is still only 800 grams!

There will be a second application of epoxy, then there will be epoxy primer in white, followed by white Interthane 900 top coat.

Imagine the weight saved when building an entire yacht?

It was some 500 kgs on a Dix 43 when compared to WBP exterior hardwood plywood.

With an 18mm BSP bronze pipe fitting bonded in place with an epoxy paste, the assembly was then coated with two coats of Intergard 269 epoxy based twin pack primer.Interthane 990 top coat will be applied next.

Wait 24 hrs between applying the primer and the top coat.

With the new shower tray installed and connected to a Whale Gulper 220 pump thats connected to a sea cock, we now have one of  the most pleasing and efficient shower pump outs.


Monday, 7 September 2015

Dudley Dix at the Port Townsend Festival

I regret that I will (again) miss this event, those of you in America may want to make a turn there though.

Wooden Boat Festival 2015

The 2015 edition of the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, Washington, happens 11-13 September. Organised by the Northwest Maritime Center, it is their premier event of the year, attracting hundreds of wooden boats of all description, a wide array of exhibits and with 120 speaker sessions on boating subjects.

The Port Townsend wooden boat festival 2015

This event will take place on the USA, West Coast.

Dudley Dix will fly out there this wedensday,

He will be doing presentations and also have his own design booth?

Cape Henry 21 kit packing and shipping

We were asked by Jose in Spain can we supply and ship a Cape Henry 21 kit with the plans to him?

The reply was positive and that we have shipped materials and kits of many types to thirty four, or is it thirty five countries.

 Can we ship a Cape Henry 21 kit to Spain?

Charles and Nigel packing Freds Cape Henry 21 kit.
Fred is in Seattle, USA and he is busy building his boat kit now.

We also supplied the steel drop keel, CNC cut and profiled to shape.



Cape Town
South Africa