Saturday, 9 April 2016

British Seagull outboard restoration.

We can supply ex our engine stock, or rebuild your own, prices will start at R10,000 for the smaller versions, the larger one in the picture is a 102 series and has labour only costs of R15,000.

Parts and this includes a new Villiers type coil can be supplied to each Seagull outboard engine rebuild.

A spare engine which is the102 series is ready to build into what ever is required. This is a larger sized engine that will push quite a large work boat or smaller sized yacht. with the points checked the Villiers coil is giving a decent spark.

Note, the coils are all well past their sell by date and using a new one is recommended.

This engine has been fitted with the shorter chrome tubes which make it a short shaft version, for a work boat we can fit the long shaft tubes which are in stock.


British Seagull 2 to 3hp rebuild

Another Seagull engine restoration order came in yesterday.

This follows the larger 102 series engine which is now re assembled and requires just the petrol tank and the carburetor to fit.

The second engine is the new order.

There is also another 102 series engine in the process, at this stage it is in parts.
It can be supplied as a short or long shaft version of the British Seagull, depending on the intended use.

We have the parts to make either type.

There is also another 2 to 3hp engine and a 3hp one as well, both can be restored to your order on request.

Contact me for pricing etc.