Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cape Henry 21 building pictures

They have reached the stage when the mast jigs are required, those will be supplied by me next week.

 This was some weeks back, the hull has been painted and turned now.

 The entire boat is built using quality BS 1088 ockume marine plywood. Supplied as a flat pack of plys only, or the materials list in the link.

Building wise, this design will fit in many garages.


Superform Bending ply ex stock

Now in a Cape Town store, spare stocks to back up our customers needs, selling as pack sizes to the trade, or as smaller orders to retail buyers.

We import in three thicknesses, 3mm, 5mm and 8mm with the grain going in either direction.

We can supply in bundles right now 3mm x 150 sheets, 5mm x 95 sheets and 8mm x 55 sheets, prices on request.

 Forget the rest, buy the best, Superform is not only CE approoved, its also waterproof and the most flexible bending plywood on the market.


021 790-3859
Cape Town

Friday, 24 February 2012

The Cape Henry 21, is it sea worthy

This was the question I was asked a day or so back, my reply was I would take the boat coast wise with no fears or worries at all, the boats designer, Dudley Dix was the right person to comment, so I asked him, his reply makes the boat even better! Read it below this picture.

Now available from us as a kit, or from a specialist boat builder here in Cape Town, as a built up hull and deck unit, even a sail away boat.

 A Cape Henry 21, built from plans.

The Cape Henry 21 is a very seaworthy boat, despite its small size. It was not designed for open ocean use, as in ocean crossings but I am sure that it is only a matter of time before someone does cross an ocean on one. You can see the stability graph at  , which shows a range of positive stability better than most boats of this size. It has positive stability to well past a knock-down situation. This is with the centreplate down but even with the plate up it will recover from a knock-down.

The smaller sister, the Cape Cutter 19, has been used for some impressive voyages. One of them has circum-navigated Britain and another did an open water passage from Burma to Singapore. The Cape Henry 21 is an identical concept but has greater safety because of the increased size. I would have no concerns about sailing one around the Cape Peninsula and on the West Coast. You must of course choose your weather, don't do it in a gale from any direction.


Dudley Dix

Dudley Dix Yacht Design
1340-1272 N Great Neck Rd #343
Virginia Beach, VA 23454, USA
Tel (757)962-9273  Fax (888)505-6820
Some mistakes are too much fun to make only once

 Pictures from the Dix Design web site.

Cumhur Regay built his Cape Henry 21 in Turkey. Here they are sailing at Izmir in the Aegean Sea, looking very pretty.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Hout Bay Marina

Seen here on a calm day.

 Picture by Janet Ormond (mc bride)

The bay is exceptional on fine days, very full of bird and sea life too.

 Picture by R McBride

The main pointed mountain is called The Sentinal.

 Picture by R McBride

The new or outer marina, an extention is being planed to extened to the south.

 Who took this one, was it Janet or Justin?


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dix Design Cape Henry 21 building

This was a kit set we supplied locally, the plys only this time, the clients builder chose to supply his own wood and epoxies.

The kit set being built by a professional boat builder, we can supply finished hull and deck units, or a sail away option.

The view from the cockpit end.

Lots of space in the Cape Henry 21.

The cockpit well prior to the seats being installed, all of the boat comes pre cut, so you really can do it youself.

The boat looks fast, even standing still. My thanks to Dino for the pictures.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Loctite service

I had a question I needed and answer for, the product was Henkels 'Loctite 648'  which is used to bond metal parts together.  Searching I soon found the Henkel we site based in England, time wise we are some two hours in front of them, so a sent them an email.

Mid morning and I had my reply, thats great back up service from Loctite! they even sent me the full three page data sheets.


Possibly! It is all a case of force applied against the area glued. Any joint, if you apply enough force to it can be broken.
Generally we would recommend that you apply as much heat as you can and force the bits apart whilst hot. I have attached the datasheet for Loctite 648 and if you look at the "Hot Strength" graph (on page 2) you can get a better feeling for this.

Best regards

Peter Martin-Flaven

Application Engineer

Henkel Limited

Wood Lane End,

Hemel Hempstead,

Hertfordshire. HP2 4RQ

Tel: 01442 278 100

Fax: 01442 278 293

■Increased temperature resistance

■Ideal for retaining of parts with a clearance or interference fit, i.e. retaining bushes, bearings, seals, fans, and liners

■WRC Approval (BS 6920): 0808532

Technical Data

■Diametrical clearance: Up to 0.15 mm

■Service temperature range: -55°C to +175°C

■Tensile shear strength: >25 N/mm²

■Fixture time on steel: 3 min.

■Pack sizes: 10ml, 50ml, 250ml

Monday, 20 February 2012

Kit buyer customer back up service

When we supply the kit and related materials, the order rarely stops there, we offer an
information back up when we can.

Guy bought one of our Argie 10 kits, we sent it by road and its just arrived.

The Dixi Dinghy is on the left, the Argie 10 is on the right.
Hi Roy,
Just to confirm that I collected the kit on Friday – am thrilled and can't wait to get started!

Can you advise me or point me in the right direction – a couple of queries:

1 What is the best mix resin to hardener?

2 What do I use the silica for?

3 Where is the best place to get the copper wire?

Many thanks again


Our reply by return email and within the hour:

Thanks for your mail, please send me pictures as you go along.

There is only one mix ratio on the epoxy, you will need a small set of

scales, kitchen types to about 1 or 2 kgs are fine.

100 grams of epoxy AR600 to 30 grams cure agent AH 2338, so 100:30 ratio.

Silica, mix about 50:50 to the micro balloons, the silica stops slumping and makes

the mix easier to form fillets with, add to the mixed epoxy, not before.

Copper wire, I used to buy it as 1.63mm and from a wire retailer, they have stopped

selling it now, you can use Surfix wire and strip the covers off, or just use very small

cable ties?



The Argie 10 under full sail, the boat is nice and strong, its also quite light and one person can normally lift it on to a cars roof rack. The boat rows well and a small 2hp motor works fine too.

Astra sailing at the Small Craft Basin, RCYC

I have no idea when this was, Astra arrived in Cape Town in 1934, shipped here on the decks of a Norwegian Whaler, she was a new boat then and carried a sail number 8, I like to assume she was the eigth Tumlaren ever built.

 Here Astra carries a sail number C15 but the sail looks too short in the luff, was this a borrowed sail I wonder? The picture will enlarge if you click on it.

Designed by Knud Reimers a little earlier, she can not have been other than boat number eight to the Tumlaren design?

If you want to read the two part story on how I restored Astra, start at the link below.

Who else wants their similar boat restored I wonder?


Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Trap End, a meaning?

The term Trap End is a building trade way of saying to a person on a scaffold plank, that your moving into danger and to stop. I have searched Google and as yet not found it and unless I can create the situation myself can not supply a picture.

Imagine a plank is on two scaffold tubes, each plank end should be about 250mm past the scaffold tubes. Lets say that plank is 3 meters long and one end is correctly 250mm past the scaffold tube but the other over shoots the other end by 1 meter. Here we are setting up the trap end, as given a man is safe on the other end, as soon as he continues along the 1 metre over hang, his body weight will cause the plank to fall under his own weight, hence the trap end meaning.

How hard can that be? done that, been there, its real scary!


Figaro V on the HBYC Marina

Seen here owner/skipper ( RYA) Charles, is making good progress of the boats new non slip finish. This is not a fast fix, you need to do your setting out carefully and ensure the area you need to do can be done in one day.

This is a large yacht, at 50 feet long the deck plan pattern needs to be carefully laid out. Then its really just repetition, we can supply the International Paints, the graded teak wood flour, even the special blue masking tape!

This is a nice part of the job, while the paint has dried but not yet fully cured, the masking tape is removed, draw it into the paint edge and not away from it.

Charles, marooned on his own little island, If your not to clever about the planing,you can trap your self to a dead end corner, or a trap end of sorts?

Jonathan Reids new book, Days of DeJa Vue

Jonathan and I are old freinds and go back to the days when we had our Endurance 37 Ocean Planet moored out in the bay in the club waters of FBYC in Simonstown. The years went by and we lost touch, he made contact with me about six or seven years back, then silence.  Now he pops up once more and has writen a book, I have not read it yet but a HBYC club member and ex commodore, Justin Phillps has, he says it reads very well and is highly recomended!

 Thats a very early SA sail number.
Jonathan built the boat himself, then sailed it to Hawaai, the book is about his life and the happenings along the way.

For more on the book see there is a link to and their shop.

Beach Sailing in Durban

A friend who is a member of The Point Yacht Club, sent me some interesting pictures, the one below grabed my eye as the ulitimate beach sailing destination, is that a reef out to sea?

Read more about the area at the link below.


The Hout Bay YC marina

Fast forward a number of years and two new boats have taken up the berths once used by the Endurance 37 in the blog below.

Taken 06 04 2007, same Sony Cybershot, the date was on this one.

Yachts So Long and Flying Cloud, the last I heard was Susanne on So Long was in Kodiak Island, Alaska, she sailed there by way of Australia and New Zealand and on her own. Tony her husband followed in his much smaller yacht and also alone.

The Hout Bay Marina, circa 1992

I am not sure of the exact year but the RSA flags say it was pre election year, those old flags were changed for the new national flag some time after the elections.

Two Endurance 37 yachts, moulded in Knysna and designed by American Peter Ibold.

Photo by R McBride using a Sony Cybershot digital camera.

The Hout Bay Yacht Club

Some say I have been a HBYC member about thirty three years (33) it may be true? I was there at the old Hout Bay Hotel founders meeting for sure. They had a roundhouse, we met in there, the place was packed, the idea of a yacht club for Hout Bay was asked by the chair ( no seats, we all were standing) the members to be all shouted YES! and so it came to be...................The Hout Bay Yacht Club was founded.

Images for HBYC-report images

  I have just found this link, not at all sure it will open, it is a selection of photos, most seem to be taken by myself, how they got into Google I am not sure.  I think you will need to copy and paste it into Google?

Even Tourist love a Hillman Imp!
Taken out side the Hout Bay Yacht Club

Check out the clubs web site for lots of news