Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Chris Sutton and friends build a St Ayles Skiff in Hout Bay

Chris was one of the members who raised his hand in accepting the idea to form a club rowing section, he also was the main driver behind the building program.

Chris is in the grey sweater, he is also the HBYC club president. The clubs commodore of sailing is Paul who is with Chris, it was Pauls idea to build a St Ayles Skiff in the first place.

Once we had supplied  the CNC plywood kit and epoxies members started to cut the hull frame sections out.

A building platform was used as the workbench to cut the frames free.

Chris and the members soon had the frames set up, in this image he is showing me a laminated bow section he has made.

The clubs lower floor was used to build the St Ayles Skiff on, note the MDF floor covering to protect the carpet.

Chris again with a laminated bow or stern section.

Please contact the HBYC or myself for information on the club and a kit.


St Ayles Skiff new club group in Hout Bay, South Africa

The Hout Bay Yacht Club got off to a great start with the building of hull number one and a rowing group was soon established to take the boat out into the bay on regular rowing sessions.

The HBYC has since formed a special rowing section to the main club, this means that special membership rates are on offer to those who want to take up the sport of rowing.

Please contact the HBYC for more information.