Monday, 16 August 2010

Its Toylander Party Time!

This was our grandsons 1st birthday party,about thirty children of all ages and sizes turned up,while it was Luke birthday the Toylander was the star of the show,it gave me good hands on experiance to watch as they used it as a pushcart,even with no electric motor installed it was still a great toy to push around the lawn,I now know why Toylanders are designed and made so strong!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Argie 15,its a big little ship

Adrian and his Argie 15 build,he started just a few weeks back and the progress looks good.Adrian will next fit the optional side seats we have now supplied him.

The Argie 15 was the follow on design from the Argie 10,which in its self is quite a large dinghy,large enough to take four adults but not quite large enough for over night camping and sleeping two lying down under a boom canopy for the night,so the Argie 15 was the result.You will need a trailerfor this boat,the weight is not an issue,the length means car topping will not work on this boat.