Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Proteus 106 Designer arrives!

One of our well known yacht designers ,Angelo Lavranos,arrived in Cape Town this past weekend,he has been based in Auckland,New Zealand for some years but his background is very much a Cape Town story.Angelo has many boats on the build here in South Africa still and he makes sure he maintains regular contact with the various boat yards building his designs.

In this case he will also be meeting up with Rob, our boat kit customer,who has just taken delivery of his 'Proteus 106' catermaran boat kit,thats 35ft long to those who do not work with metric! Angelo and Rob will be meeting at our factory later this week,to discuss the design and its building,this has not started yet in its designated build factory but Rob has taken delivery of the CNC parts and has already begun to glue sections together,ready to deliver to his factory and start the build proper.

We are lucky to have this build here in Cape Town,the last kit went to Caracas,Venezuela,so not so easy to follow the builders program,here we can be at the boat yard in a half hour or so,you can expect regular updates and pictures on our web site when the build gets underway.


Monday, 19 November 2007

Digicut CNC service

Times running out to get all the news out before close of play,work is play?

Those of you who have kept tabs with us and our progress this past year will have noticed a new name crop up on our web pages 'DIGICUT' this came out of a joint venture between Janet Mc Bride and Nigel Ormond,they both took a rather large leap,bought their own CNC machine and started business themselves,this is no small venture or indeed machine,the table bed of which is a full sized 4mtrs x 2.1mtrs,so just about any sheet material will fit the bed.

CNC? what do those letters mean,we see them writen and used all the time,try
'Computerized Numerical Control ',what it in turn means is, that once your design is down and on file,it can be retrieved at any future time and simply recut,or changed to suit what ever design progress may have been made since conception, if no changes are made,then each new unit cut will always be the exact copy of what came before. For this reason any boat that came from the same CNC shop files,will always be the same as the others,this in itself makes for a very inexpensive way of creating a 'One Design Class' boat and without the need for pages of measurement rules either!

The new company is fully writen up and a stand alone team,the members moved their machine from the CKD Boats cc work shops some months back and can now be found at the following address and contact numbers:

Unit 20a, Heron Park,Kommetiie,Cape Town. phone and fax number +27 21 7855892 or on the Cell number 082 554448

Contact them direct for all none boat design work,such as shop and office works,all other can come direct to +27 21 510 7206 and http://www.ckdboats.com/ as normal.