Saturday, 7 April 2012

Jordan Boats

We have just had a phone call from Alec Jordan, creator of Jordan Boats. This was in response from a client who in turn had asked Iain Oughtred to supply the CNC files to his extended Grey Seal design.

Wemyss Skiff

Iain and Alec pulling togther, thats a neat trick, as Iain was the designer and Alec the kit maker, I guess he may have built it too? The boats name is the Wemyss Skiff, find it here

For the extended Grey Seal we need the CNC files for, Alec already works with Iain and can do the cut files required, we in turn will be able to use those files for the agreed fee that our client will be asked to pay.

We can now offer the Jordan Boat kits in South Africa also.


Cape Cutter 19 kit becomes Tiptoe

This was the second and last Cape Cutter 19 kit we sold, being an export down to New Zealands south island, Ian built the boat and made a great job of it too.

Tiptoe moored in south island, picture by Ian Allen.

We can no longer offer the Cape Cutter 19 but can offer the larger Cape Henry 21 as a kit. One is under construction right now here in Cape Town.


Captain John, the missing link

It was John who was able to fill in the missing information about the ownership of Brer Terrapin, the Ingrid 38 ketch I first crossed the South Atlantic on. John knew the name of other owners, he worked for one of them as a rep back in his working years.

John has since retired and in the past sailed the Atlantic himself, he is between trips right now but the boat, its a Morgan 31 designed by Angelo Lavranos, looks neat and tidy I think its ready to go when ever John wishes.


Friday, 6 April 2012

Athol says hello

Seen here on a normal day in Hout Bay is Captain Athol aboard his yacht Perazim.
Perazim is from Zimbawe and was built in record time to a William Garden design using the strip plank method. I think it was a six month build,she sailed on one of the Cape to Rio races.

Thats Chapmans Peak Drive at the rear, its a toll road these days, R31 a trip, so about U$4.00, you get a discount as a regular user.


Captain Dan explains the true meaning of S.H.I.T

Seen here at the Simonstown Naval Dock Yard, Dans Tike 38 build is a whole lot more boat than when he arrived there.

Store High In Transit (shit) read Dans words below.


We have officially been moved out of the Composite Boat Shed, as two Navy T-crafts have taken our place. We managed to make the most out our time...doing ...I'm not quite sure what! Any how the boat is almost water proof, hatches are sikaflexed in place and decks and fitting continues tomorrow.

Before we left I managed to ensure we used the gantry to lift the last heavy item - the cockpit.

The feeling of (real) boat life is growing stronger. Arriving at the boat the other day I found myself having to bail the bilges (after our stormy weather), clean bird StoreHighInTransit off the decks, and all inside the Composite Boat Shed. I almost thought of checking the water line for growth. All very long lost memories.

Sunburnt, I went back to Simons Town tonight to put some more straps on as the wind is getting pretty gusty. The heads have been left at home with the sails as I am worried if I install them they will get blocked! Meanwhile we continue to dream of cocktails on the aft deck, warm water and boating as other people know it. Sun through the hatches is good enough for now, and almost calls for an afternoon kip.

Dans Tiki 38 modular cockpit being lifted prior to moving outside the shed.

Picture and words supplied by Dan.

One of our larger kits, the order started out as just materials, clear oregon pine, ockume marine plywoods and epoxies, later the plys were CNC cut as Dan made progess, we can now off about 50 sheets of plys pre cut for this boat. 

Exciting day tomorrow as engines arrive (thanks Adrian) which I ordered in June last year. If he does not spend the whole day on submarines and Strike crafts I might get him to help me install.

I have waited almost a year to see the engines. If this is not exciting enough and you would like to Unsubscribe from these e mails please send something boat related to the value of R1000 to PO BOX 21597 Gardens.

Any day now. (Not the R1000 present - the launch!)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A little tender

How does your boat stand up to the wind?

on the HBYC yesterday we had a bit of breeze, it was gusting about 25 knots at times?

Just look how this old Hilyard is leaning over from the wind, its not even got its mast up!

The pictures I  took tell just a little of the real truth, the boat has a leak in a plank about a foot below the surface,Wayne, a local boat owner, then moved internal ballast over to port to try and inspect the reason for the leak.  The boats owner  is in New Zealand right now?

How hard can this be, well done Wayne!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fraser Imp replica loading for export

This has been a long process but I think the result was close to what was intended.

Down here on the ground, with respects to Paul Newman and the film Cool Hand Luke.

From here on the only way was up, we used specilist forwarders who have the correct loading gear and qualified staff to do the loading.


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hout Bay Vista

One of the better pictures of our bay!

I lifted it from the Hout Bay Yacht Club site, my thanks to Tracy Baxter for getting up so early and supplying the picture.

Hout Bay at first light.

Photo from the Iphone Camera of Tracy Baxter,

champion jogger from Noordhoek who gets up early in the morning!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

In support of the Jolon Imp

A fellow Imp Club member has decided to join forces with a friend and prepare a 1972 Hillman Imp to drive from Johannesburg,South Africa, to London in England.

Jolon Imp, the name comes from (?) Johannesburg and London I guess.

Introducing Terence Tracey, a well known racing driver in the classic car movement, he has Irish blood in his family tree.

Terence took second place in the class championship in his first year racing an Imp,the venue is Zwartkops, South Africa.  check the link for the full story on this adventure.


The Hillman Imp will be turning 50 years in May 2013. To celebrate the fact that there still remains a sizeable number of the original 500,000 that were built, the IMP CLUB is arranging a massive celebration in Coventry where the engine for this wonderful British car emanated from.
To coincide with this gathering of worldwide Imp owners I am planning to present one of my Imps for display at the event. However getting it to the event is going to be the interesting part as I intend driving it from Johannesburg to Coventry, hence the name JOLON IMP, Johannesburg to London and from there on to Coventry.
I will complete the trip with Johan Meyers, a good friend of mine from Johannesburg. As luck would have it, Johan is a full-time mechanic who specializes in old British motor cars. He and I have been planning how best to prepare the car for the arduous trip. We are acutely aware of the misfortune that befell the two chaps who attempted the England to Mongolia rally in another Imp some time ago. Sadly Olly Rowland & Frank Claydon of ‘Team Badger – Mission Imp-possible’ had to abandon their beloved Imp in some God forsaken country in central Asia. We are hoping to touch base with them to compare prep notes so as to minimize potential problems during our trip.
Since I have carried an eyesight challenge since an early age, we have decided that we will use the trip to raise awareness for sight challenged people and at our final destination we would like to be able to make a monetary donation to the R.N.I.B.
Our first choice of route will be through Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethopia, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France and through the Chunnel to England. However this might quickly change depending on the political situation of the various countries we plan to traverse.
I hope to be joined in Paris by two of my brothers who were inadvertently responsible for my becoming an Imp collector, they both owned Imps when I was still a lazy schoolboy in Ireland. So Ciaran and Sean will drive the final kilometers with us from Paris to Coventry.
Our journey will begin on Valentine’s Day 2013 when we head north out of Johannesburg and cross the border into Botswana by nightfall.
I am dedicating the entire trip to our late brother Gerry who passed away last year.