Saturday, 12 January 2019

Packing of our orders ?

Not all of our orders are plywood kits, some are related marine parts or even classic car parts?

This order is a refurbished Aries Mk3 self steering vane gear, plus a 10kg Bruce anchor, it is an original forged steel one, not a copy.

Note that each item has been secured in place with some 16mm wide steel band strapping.

When the 13mm ply lid is in place and screwed up the crate will then be steel band strapped for extra security.


Friday, 11 January 2019

Aries vane gear restoration

In between the boat kits I keep myself busy with various projects, one was a Mk3 Aries vane gear.

When it came in it was frozen solid, it took over a day to unfreeze it.

It is now complete and my next job is to make a packing crate so as to ship it to its new owner.


Tuesday, 8 January 2019

British Seagull 102 series running

This engine dates to around 1962/62, it has been rebuilt and restored .

We first test for coolant circulation with the rubber feed pipe disconnected.

Check the cooling water coming out of the side fitting,  that is the tell tale to allow you to check that you have water circulation.

The test tank.

This  is the long leg version and suitable for a workboat.

We may have enough parts to build one more 102 series British Seagull and to order.


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Building our Optimist kit

Another customer in the USA has just received the Optimist kit we packed off to him late last year.

We were asked on some details and replied by return and included some pictures to help show the assembly process.

Nigel who also cuts our kits built one of our Optimists to really get a first hand feel of the process.

Assembled and still with the two spacers in place, they will be removed after the Meranti wood side rails have been fitted.

Often selected pictures can help builders understand the assembly process better?

Details of the thwart showing the center Hog and side Stringer.

Each kit we supply has a detailed 14 page builders guide, it explains the build process and contains pictures, also included are the official measurement , related drawings.

Contact me for kit and shipping prices.