Saturday, 23 August 2014

We meet the JoLon Imp drivers

For those who do not know the JoLon Imp is a 1972 Hillman Imp that drove from Johannesburg to Coventry for the May 2013 Imp Club meeting in Coventry, England, the event was fifty years of the Hillman Imp.

Here Geoff and Terence are looking at the map of the world and no doubt centering on Africa as they drove most of that continenent, plus into and across two others, they did a drive of 14,000 kilometers in 29 nine days, made the event on its last day and went into Imp Club history.

They never had a single puncture!

Plus the engine they used was an old Mk1 version so circa 1963.

How easy can this be?

Well we can read all about it here,


Friday, 22 August 2014

Andreas has finished his Argie 15 build!

That was the news early this week and the plan is to launch the new Argie 15 at the weekend.

We supplied the plans, North Sails and also the deck gear.

When can I expect it?

Almost ready for final coat and hope to launch this weekend


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The sailing adventures of yacht Tididi

Yacht Tididi,  which is a Hartley 37 sailing yacht, has a way to go before she sets off on what I am sure will be an adventure on the sea.

The fact is and I am always keen to point this out, the adventure started some time back, from the decision to purchase the plans, to the buying in of materials and then to start building your dream boat. Andrew the boats owner builder, has done a fine job here, the side decks are complete and soon the coach roof and cockpit will be fitted.

I think Andrew is an IT or electronics guy, yet he seems to have no bothers building his ply/epoxy yacht, materials to the hull and decks were supplied by CKD Boats cc.

The pictures are proof that we can build boats and to a very high standard given the desire to do so.

How easy was this? I have no idea but Andrew may explain in his own blog!


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hillman Imp spares for Africa

Not only that they are in Cape Town and right now, a set of spares bought in for future engine rebuilds of the Hillman Imp.

There are gasket kits, piston rings, bearings for big ends and mains bearings, plus thrust bearings and camshaft bearings.

How easy can this be, buying was easy!


Loading Africas best Hillman Imp

Well I am saying the best until someone shows me one that is better?

We discovered enough original paint of this 1971 Rootes Car Co made car to see that it was a very close match to Fords (samcor) Aquarius metallic blue colour, which just happens to be their current shade right now.

Click on the pictures to make them larger.

For sure we could buy a decent small car for the cost of this Hillman Imps new paint work.

The car will be returned when the interior is fitted out, the new 998cc engine will then be installed.


Hillman Imp on the road again

Loaded on the specialist trailer we had the 1971 Hillman Imp Deluxe transported back to the spray shop for some minor works.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

This may just be one of the nicer Hillman Imps around, one of them anyway?

The car will then be taken to the motor trimmers for a full refit and then return to have the 998cc Imp engine fitted.

How easy was this, I wonder myself sometimes!


Monday, 18 August 2014

Hillman Imp 998cc engine block re assembly

There were questions on just how to apply the required Loctite 648 retaining fluid to the larger steel liners in the all alloy block, applied the way I think it should be has in this case worked for me.

We found a specialist machine shop who was able to skim the bonded liners level once they were bonded in  with the Loctite 648 retaining fluid.

The car will now be taken by a specialist road trailer to the paint shop for some small works, after that onto the trim shop for a full re trim and new seats. The engine will be installed at a later time.

How easy was this?

Well we started about October last year!