Saturday, 12 July 2014

DS 15 Foil and Rudder packing

This was yesterday and part of Jims order, he will shape the foil and rudder before we send him the CNC cut plys to his DS 15 sport boat.

Epoxy and fillers, plus ABE epoxy fairing paste and an International Paints guide.

International Paints, epoxy primer, PU top coats, cure agents and the required thinners to each paint.

The foil and rudder was wrapped in clear plastic sheeting, then taped and nylon strapped to keep them secure.

We can ship country or world wide.


Friday, 11 July 2014

Hillman Imp Californian returns home

In this case the home is my own, after selling the 1967 Imp Californian some four and a half years back, I was able to buy the car back last week.

The car after restoration about twenty years back, it does not look like this right now but will eventually!

The car came off the Rootes Car Co Scotland production line dated February 3rd 1967, destined as an export model it still has its original Vin plate and engine, still on its 875cc pistons and running really well.

The car was an export to  Mozambique, the speedo is in kilometers and shows just 771119.9 Ks,

Nice to get the car back again!

The Imp Club know of only 74  Californians left, of around 7000 of this model sold, 6100 were sold in to the UK, so some 900 went out as exports, how many other export cars still exist I wonder?


DS 15 Foil and Rudder blanks

They are ready now and will be packed for shipment early next week.

The shapes are cut into the hardwood blanks, the job next is to remove the excess wood and release the shape. The final finish becomes biaxial glass cloth and epoxy, we supply those materials also.

We can also supply finished and to an etch primer coating ready for top coats.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Barry is building a Proteus 106 kit set

This is a great value kit set to build your own multihull sail boat.

We sent the kit off by road only a few weeks back and just look at the progress a CNC cut kit gives the builder!

Words from Barry:

We’ve spent about 200 hours so far on the project. The set up took longer than I expected, but I tried to get all check measurements e.g. stem to opposite hull  stern etc to within 2 to 3 mm of accuracy. I hope that this is ok,