Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sea water splash in Hout Bay Harbour

Too good to miss with my Canon G11 camera!

Brer Terrapin, Durban and Cape Town

These pictures came to me by way of Ruth who was married to Pip Smith who built Brer Terrapin over a period of around seven years.

Dr Pip Smith and his baby son, I assume the place is in Durban where the boat was launched?
Click on any picture for a larger image.

Brer Terrapin, I assume in Durban harbour?

Out for a sail, the fenders tell me they were using a marina berth?

I assume that is Ruth on the helm?

I crossed my first ocean on this boat and sat in the same position many times.

Brer Terrapin is a ketch, seen here under full sails which look new, I assume the place is Durban and about 45 years ago. Designed by Atkin and named an Ingrid 38 , built in traditional carvel planking to a very high standard, where is she now I wonder?

My thanks to Ruth Smith and her brother in law Mike Smith for the supply of the pictures and information.


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Fluid containers, black, 25 liter size

These are used but clean inside,they come in as a special from time to time,we can offer them to yachties at a cost of R16,thats a great price,about half that Plastics for Africa will be charging you?

Use black or pigmented containers when you thinking of deck stowage for diesel or water,if you use clear containers the UV from the Sun will knock them out by the time you reach St Helena.

In Hout Bay and only four or five left, more may be possible?