Saturday, 5 July 2008

Charlies 'Resolution' is no more

Not really,go to then the 'Links' page and open the clubs Seafarers Page,a full report was posted on that site page.

This is one of those entries we do not want to make but its happened,so what can we do,it was first posted in South Africa at my local yacht clubs site they have a seamans forum,check the full report in there,this was Charlies original message:

Charlie's Tokyo West Blog

Resolution is no more
Early in the morning of June 23 Resolution, through negligence of my own, went on the rocks at Great Barrier Island at the mouth of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. I was able to escape with my life and little else, and Resolution has been beaten into pieces upon rocks infamous for killing ships in this country. Many have expressed their regrets and I appreciate them all. I have written 2000 words about my boat's demise, which Chuck will publish on Duckworks. Another, longer, bit is in the works for Small Boat Advisor. I'm writing from the hotel kiosk as my laptops and notes are scattered among the rocks with Resolution's remains. Sorry for this method of communicating with everyone, but I turned off my regular email address when we set sail, and cannot put messages on the JWBUILDERS forum. Until I return to Japan, then . .

Fate of the Yacht Resolution
Dramatic first-hand account of the wreck of the yacht Resolution by Charlie Whipple. Charlie spent 2.5 years bulding the little beauty and had planned to circumnavigate. It was wrecked on the Great Barrier Island off New Zealand one night just a few days into the voyage . . . . This account is only a few days old as of 30 June 2008.

Friday, 4 July 2008

The friday currency rates guide

As is now a regular blog,the currency rates are as below:

Forex Rates

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The following European monetary area currencies have been incorporated into the Euro currency:


Public Exchange Rates against the rand for amounts up to R50 000.

Published at 2008/07/04 09:02:00 AM

Rand per foreign currency unit

Description Code Bank Selling rate Bank buying TT Bank buying TC's Bank buying notes
EURO CURRENCY EUR 12.4347 12.3209 11.9076 11.9261
BRITISH STERLING GBP 15.6899 15.5477 15.0151 15.0495
US DOLLARS USD 7.8827 7.8827 7.5818 7.6301

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Argie 15 export boat kit,by air.

Hollow section six meter clear oregon pine mast,note the luff groove machined to take the mainsails bolt rope luff.The mast can only be part hollow as we also have to allow for the bolt rope track but the boom is totaly hollow and is really light.

This kit is a little different,one of many Argie 15 kits we have supplied but this one will fly out as airfreight to its customer in Kenya soon.