Monday, 24 December 2018

Seasons Greetings to everyone where ever you  may be?



Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Aries vane gear Mk3 for sale

We have one that came in for a service and ended up buying it ourselves.
If you have a similar Aries we can service it for you?

It has been stripped and then serviced, re assembly takes place this week.

The vane gear has done just one coastal passage if 1200 sea miles and can be said to be new old stock?

Shipping World wide is possible.

All parts that require replacing will be replaced.

This is a once off offer, the price is Euros 1200 which is R20,000 ex Hout Bay, South Africa.

New spacers and bearings are being fitted.

The quality of engineering on an Aries vane gear is second to none.

Contact me for details on this Aries vane gear or if you would like me to service similar vane gear equipment.


December 29 / 2018 the Aries has been sold.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

The CKD Boats Optimist kit

We have shipped Optimist kits to many places worldwide.

The base kit will normally include the required builders jig, that is it standing up in this picture.

The builders jig can be reused a number of times.

The base or bottom of the boat is made from 12mm thick marine plywood and it is that which gives the finished hull the required stiffness, the panel standing up is the bottom of the boat.

The Builders Jig is quite special and it is a design that we did ourselves, again it it the panel standing up.

This panel is in 12mm marine plywood and has the Rudder, Dagger Board, sides to the dagger board case and also the blocks to the bottom of the boat to screw the kicking straps to.

The sides, front and back of the boat are done in 6mm marine plywood.

The CKD Boats Optimist kit ready to pack and ship.

We can also supply the required hardwood pack, a Harken deck pack and North Sails sail.

At this time we use marine ply that is imported from France.

Contact me for prices please.


Thursday, 22 November 2018

Big boat forged Steel Bruce anchor for sale.

This Bruce anchor weighs twenty Kilos, (20) and will suit a larger sized yacht.

The anchor is in  Hout Bay, South Africa.

The all steel Bruce anchor is some of the best insurance we can trust to anchor our boat too.

Forged steel and made in Belgium, beware of cheaper cast iron and welded copies.

Used lightly, the hot did galvanizing is in good condition.

R4500 ex Hout Bay.


Bruce forged steel anchor

Made in Belgium and the genuine product.

I have cruised for years with a Bruce anchor, South Africa, Brasil, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela and also deep water places in the South Atlantic Ocean, never did we drag anchor when using the Bruce.

Probably for a South African base yacht or one passing through?

For myself this is the best anchor.

The ten kg size will suit many yachts and up to around 35 feet.

Please remember this is made from Forged Steel and has no dubious welds to fail.

The price is R3000  ex Hout Bay, South Africa.


The 10 kg Bruce has been sold, the larger one is still available.

BMW D35 heat exchanger

This may also fit the D55  BMW/Hatz marine diesel engine?

This unit had a new 216 stainless steel end cap made and fitted, the original one being cast iron.

Cleaned by removing all the old paints and re painted with DTM metal paints.

The heat exchanger would work on other engines when an adapter was made.

Contact me at for pricing and postage.


BMW D 55 marine gear box

This ZF box came off a D55 BMW/Hatz marine diesel, it had been serviced and fitted with new bearings before I got it.

The case was stripped and repainted with DTM metal paints.

The gear reduction ratio is stamped on the makers plate on the back of the case.

The gear box is clean and ready  to fit, use engine oil as lubrcant.

The ZF plate on the back of the casing gives the series numbers.

To contact me to discuss the price and delivery please use the 'Contact ' button at you will then be able to email me.


Hurth 75 horse power marine gear box

I have a marine gear box that came off a Volvo MD21 75 hp diesel engine.

The ratio looks to be 2.1 : 1 , the casing was stripped of all paints and recoated with DTM silver paint .

The old paints were removed totally.

The offer can include the drive plate and the bell housing.

The bell housing is alloy, it also has a steel connection plate spacer to the engine.

The drive plate is a rubber disc and in fine condition, as are the splines.

The unit looks to have had a low hours use?

Please contact me to discuss options, use the Contact button at

Shipping Worldwide is possible.


Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Sailing yacht head sails

The first image shows similar sails and on my own boat, the two sails on offer are from the same suit of sails, they were never used and are now for sale.

I have a number one Yankee cut jib and a number two jib, both were intended for an Endurance 48ft yacht, they were never used, not even once.

The two sails are brand new, one was removed from its bag for inspection only.

They are suitable for a yacht 45 feet and larger,

With bronze piston hanks, a luff tape can be fitted at an extra cost.

Priced at less than half of new sails today.

Sizes available on request.

Top quality new sails.

Please contact me for dimensions and pricing.

I can ship Worldwide.


B and G marine gear

Lots of Brookes and Gatehouse parts in stock.

The Hornet 4 on the right is at this time not for sale as I use that for testing the Syncro repeaters and Network equipment.

The ACP1 auto pilot is for sail, there is also a PCB panel to convert it to an ACP2  pilot.

The Hecta dept sounder requires a service but can be for sale.

Contact me for pricing and postage cost.


Aries vane gear self steering rope to wheel drum

This is a genuine Aries rope and clutch drum and related parts.

Made and supplied by Aries of Cowes I.O.W in England.

Most of what is required to fasten to a steering wheel is in the offer.

I have used the rope clutch but it has been well cared for and looks nearly new.

The price is U$450  plus postage.