Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Didi Mini Transat deck engineering kit

This is one of our regular orders,not just to buyers of our CNC kits but to those who may have built from plans also.

A Didi Mini Transat.

This is Kyrills boat now being built in Switzerland,we will ship his deck engineering tohim when its ready.

We use the drawings as supplied by Dix Design,so you know you will get the right product.
Pulpit in alloy
Pushpits in alloy x 2
Stantions in alloy x 4 (our design)
Chain plates x 316 stainless steel x 4
Forward Base plate
Rudder assembly Mk 2 option
Rudder links,316 stainless and rubber connectors

Contact me for pricing


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

WSR or West Somerset Railway

One of my regular Hillman Imp suppliers has just mentioned he can not pack any parts for me from next monday when I will be in the Liverpool area for one week,when he gave me the following link I knew why!

Celebrating 35 years of the West Somerset Railway... The West Somerset Railway Spring Steam Gala has established itself as one of the heritage railway events of the year, visited by several thousand people each year. The 2011 event promises to live up to the very high quality successful Steam Galas held over recent years, and this year will be staged over two long weekends – six days in total. If you have never sampled a WSR Spring Steam Gala you just don’t know what you’re missing! The Spring Steam Gala 2011 celebrates 35 years of the West Somerset Railway operating over the former Taunton to Minehead Branch of British Rail. The ever popular Spring Gala this year will see the return of some of the locomotive types associated with the Minehead branch over the last thirty five years as well as new types not seen before on the line.

I will not be able to attened as its in the South and I will be further North,my blog may be a little static for a week but should be back in action from around the 28th of March?


Monday, 14 March 2011

Servicing the Autohelm 4000 drive unit

The user manual tells us they are lubricated for life,what that life was expected to be I can not guess but a decade and more on,we need to at least clean it out and lubricate with a light oil,Fluid Film comes to mind and thats what I am using.

The later model had an Autohelm logo on the drive case,the end cap was changed too.

The back face,which in practice points forwards,if you fit this face to the rear there is a simple switch on the control unit to reverse.

When opened this is whats inside,there is no way this lot is service free,I would open it and clean it out at least once per season,a light oiling on the moving parts must be a good idea but not on the drive belt or drive gear cog.

This is the drive gear,the setting of which is fixed,its the round wheels that provide adjustment,this is said not to be easy on the early units?


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Inside the Hout Bay Yacht Club

Recently refurbished,the clubs upper bar deck really is first class these days.

With good service from established staff and a discount on bar purchases for club members,this is a fine place to have a sundowner,there is also a large function room below this floor,named as The Chart Room,its a nice place to hire for meetings and functions.

Seen in the HBYC club room,Notty,Fredy and Jendo,having a beer and a good laugh.