Friday, 16 July 2010

Quarter final fan street walk

This is the last game in Cape Town and the fan walk,a max of 18,000 on any walk had been thought as good by the Cape Town City Council prior to the FIFA 2010 World Cup starting,seems  they were wrong,some 159,000 turned out to do this last walk,thats Teru in the front supporting Holland

Argie 10 kits to Durban

Ready for packing,two sets of Argie 10 kits,plus The Poplar wood is machined to size and packed in plastic tube wrapping to ensure it will transport in the same condition we packed it.
Wrapped and steel band strapped,the six sheets of five ply ockume marine plys are inside the blue pallet.
We shipped out two Argie 10 kits to Eddie in Durban yesterday,there will be a saving on both packing and delivery,it will be good to watch Eddie and his brothers progress as they both build their boats,one design dinghy racing will never be closer!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sails for sale

The Hobie 12 sail boat

The Optimist sail boat
We have two dinghy sails for sale,one is the Optimist sail by North Sails and in good condition for R700,it has its own bag and has been measured,I think it was used at an international event in Barcelona,Spain.The other is a rare Hobie 12 cat hulled mono boat,the sail is made in Hong Kong to the Coast Catamaran lable,R1000 for that one.

Note,the sails shown in the pictures are 'sister ships',cuts and fabric may be changed.

Dix Design Cape Henry 21

Thats Dudley Dix sitting closest to the mast.
This is a sort of self portraight,the designer was sailing in a clients own Cape Henry 21,Billy Black took the pictures (thanks) the US magazine Sailing published them in their May issue as a centerfold,also on the front page of the June issue,I took the picture for Dudley as he had not yet seen the May issue.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Hout Bay Harbour marina view

This picture was lifted off the HBYC webb site,I think Justin may have taken it,with winter being here,it was a very cold day yesterday,one caller said it was as cold as 3c in Stellenbosch yesterday and we hear five mountain passes were closed due to heavy snowfalls but this is what Hout Bay Harbour looks like today!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Hout Bay Harbour scene

Ever changing with the cruising and fishing boats coming and going,the seasons change,so does the weather but our winter is a fine period between the much needed rains and the odd bit of snow on Table Mountain at times.

The camera is a Canon G11 set to auto.

Richard and a full race Hillman Imp manifold

My own exhaust system,well it was,a customer needed one quickly,so I sent him my own.
With another full race Hillman Imp exhaust mainfold about to make the post in an hour or so its time to re issue a picture of a well known Hillman Imp body work restorer,Richard has been out here twice this far,we try and meet up with him when he is here.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Shane and his pals collect the Didi Mini Transat kit prize

This one has taken some while to actually happen,Shane and Ruben, a co school mate,entered a competition in Sailing magazine,the prize of which was funded by Mike, one of our customers with the idea of increasing the new class in South Africa,unfortunatley Rubens parents had to return home to Belgium and that was the end of that for a few years.

Time moves on,Shane has worked at North Sails as a sailmaker since leaving high school,he was chosen to be part of the sail making team for South Africas Americas Cup bid in Spain,Shane went with them to Barcelona,he has also had success in the local Lipton Cup races too.

Shane is standing to the left.

There is now a team of three,the other two being hands on boat builders will have no problems assembling this set of bulkheads,they will work their way through the rest of the build as and when funds allow the main thing is they have started!