Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Nelson Mandela memorial, Midlands Meander, outside Howick, KZN, South Africa

I recently had reason to be in the Howick Kwa Zulu Natal area, while there I was shown a remarkable art form, it marks what is named The Capture Site .

Words will say little, I trust that the images will?

All images were taken by Roy McBride, I used a Canon  G1X  digital camera.


The monument has to be viewed from 35 meters back from it.

The engraved plaque is in front of the viewing position.

The walk down the paved path has sheet metal signs on the right hand side, many have been removed, stolen ?

The sites view and position relates to the capture place, which is across the road.

Close up and there is really nothing much to see?

There are a number of web sites that name the designer and tell the reason this site was chosen.

Being too close or far away to the work will loose the effect that the designer of this art form wants.