Friday, 4 March 2016

Exports, our boat kits sent to the USA

A recent customer in the USA asked in passing had we ever shipped to the USA before?

Some of the places we did ship to are mentioned below.

Posted as I relplied,

You asked have I shipped to the USA before?

Many times and over a period of at least twelve years, 

Some of the places that we shipped to:

Philladelphia,           Didi Mini Transat
Charleston,               Didi 26 (built as a complete hull and deck unit)
San Francisco           Didi Mini Transats and Optimists, various customers
New York                 Didi Mini Transat ( plus sails)
Marshall Isles           Didi 26
Johnston Atol           Didi 38  (full boat kit, including the mast, sails, engine and all fittings, plus Raymarine electronics)

There were more but they come to mind right now, with exports to some 34 countries now we are well used to shipping.

How hard can this be?

Well I must admit we have a huge data base of contacts world wide now, shipping is easier having all of those trained and specialist people.


Thursday, 3 March 2016

Cut to size panels, Optimist and Argie 15 kits

Depending on where the okoume marine plays we use are made we may have a panel 8'x 4' which is 2440mm long or the Metric version which is 2500mm long.

Each panel is the same width at 1220mm wide.

Here the Optimist bottom panel is having 60mm trimmed off.

With the packer plys we use being 8'x 4 'sized we end up cutting some 60mm off the CNC cut panels so that they will fit the shipping crate.

This is the Optimist builders jig.

This is part of the Argie 15 kit.

This was part of a three boat kit, we also supplied the North Sails, Harken and Ronstan deck packages to both the Optimists and the Argie 15.

The order will be shipped by sea next week to Switzerland, we have also sent by air to the same customer.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Exporting our boat kits

We have exported our kits for ten years and more, some thirty four (34) destinations I seem to remember?

Recently there has been renewed interest in our international class the Optimist dinghy.

We have three such kits due to arrive right now for a sailing school in the USA.
The program is to get the pupils to build the kits, then learn how to sail them too.

Today I packed two more Optimist kits off to a customer in Switzerland, he bought one last year and says that he had so much fun assembling it that can he have two more.

He also placed an order for the much larger Argie 15 dinghy.

My thanks to Justin for the use of his SA Yacht Blog story on the Argie 15 design.