Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Dix Design Didi 38 hull turning event

I was there to lend a hand that day.

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The boat had been built upside down, using the scaffold tower we had ropes and man power to turn the hull the right way up.

This day was the spark that ignited my own desire to build by the same method, I later built a Dix 43 .
The boat was later named Black Cat and became a very well known ocean racer, the South Atlantic Ocean has been crossed four times now, plus she won her class in the race to St Helena and what is named The Governor's Cup race.

One correction, Black Cat has crossed the South Atlantic 6 times, in 1996, 2000 and 2017.
From Dudley Dix.

You are in some of the other pics in my big box of photos. 

This is the one that I have used over the years because it shows the boat best. 

The people in it, from left, are Dick de Kroon, my Moms cousin, Brian Alcock and Sean Collins. You can see my head just above Sean at the transom.

This whole series of designs has proven very successful and just keeps going. I now have pressure from various people for Didi monohull designs from 50-65ft and a cat of 65ft.

Navigator bulkheads done by CNC

Anyone  having seen what the plans look like you will understand the time saved in using this kit?

This is one of the okoume marine plywood panels we include in our Navigator kit set, there are five ply sheets in all.

The plans show the frames made from lots of sections of wood battens that you have to join up to make the required shapes.

I have to say " how easy is this now "


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Navigator small boat details

Wilhelm built his John Welsford Navigator design from a kit we made specially for him, he in turn created a wonderful yacht with a fine finish.

Wilhelms attention to detail has made for a super smart looking yacht.

The teak transom was veneered with some solid teak slats we had, we still have some I think?

This is pre decking, check how well the inside of the boat was painted, best to do it this way as you can see what you are doing.

The boat was originally fitted with an electric drive motor.

Since then the yacht has sold and we serviced a British Seagull outboard for the new owner.

The Seagull outboard will look correct when used on the Navigator, we have some in stock and for sale.


J Welsford Navigator kits

Below is the first sail in a Navigator we cut as a kit set.

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Included are the frames, transom, lower hull panel, stem, dagger board case, seats risers, the only part we do not cut are the hull skin panels.

We have the plans in stock,

Hi Roy

Herewith some pictures of my Navigator, Jacqui.

I recently went for my first sail and launched her at Gordons Bay. We had a
lovely day with light winds at first, but increasing to just over 20 knots.
The boat proved very seaworthy. She handles the wind, choppy seas with white
horses and a two meter swell with ease. Our maximum boat speed was 8,03
knots and we covered 31,3 km in the 4 hours 52 minutes at sea. We sailed 4,2
nautical miles into the bay.