Saturday, 28 January 2017

Waterproof PVA wood glue

This one is imported from Germany.

The Castrol 140 grade gear oil comes from the UK, its a special weight oil for British Seagull outboard motor gear boxes.

Both products are packed in 500 ml containers.

We can post to most places.


Epoxies for boat building

Yes, for many years now we have worked with an sold our own brand of epoxy.

Having first hand experience using them can be of great value when giving advice.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

The smallest size we stock is a  1.65 kg pack, larger quantities can be arranged also.

We also do filler powders for forming fillets and filling holes.

Sold in a 100gram pack, which is quite a lot of product,

 We can also do Fumed Silica to thicken the mix.


Friday, 27 January 2017

Black Cat in the Rio Iate Clube

Didi 38 "Black Cat" in Rio, waiting for engine parts before heading back across the Atlantic to Cape Town.

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What parts are needed I do not know but I suspect it will be head gaskets for the Yanmar twin diesel the boat has?

Then they sail back to Cape Town.

How hard can that be?

I may tell you one day!


Monday, 23 January 2017

Black Cat the Didi 38 arrives in Rio do Janerio, Brasil.

This is Black Cats third Cape 2 Rio race.

Photo by Alec Smith, he has a large folder on all the yachts in this years race, they are for sale.

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Well done to the six crew members who did this crossing.

How hard can it be?

Well they ended up with two blown head gaskets and on a twin cylinder diesel engine, so the last week or so they had no electric power.


This was the boat that Dudley Dix built for himself, he designed it also.


Didi 38 & Didi 40
Radius chine plywood cruiser racers
Didi 38 radius chine plywood boat plans
Read about our experiences on a Didi 38 in the MTN Cape to Rio 2000 Race. It was rather different from what all competitors expected. Click here
Affordable Performance
This one was for me! For the first time in my professional design career I was the client. I drew her to be the type of boat that I enjoy - light, responsive, fast and fun.

She also had to be quick to build for only one or two people and fit a terminally ill wallet.

Launched in 1995, I have crossed the South Atlantic three times on her and experienced a run of nearly 250 miles in 24 hours and a top speed of nearly 22 knots.

~ More conservative version, with masthead rig and shallower keel. More info.

~ Plywood bulkhead kits. More info.

~ 40ft Cruiser Didi 40cr, with greater space and comfort. More info.

~ Advice, tips and build photos in Builders'