Friday, 18 February 2011

The Governor's Cup 2010 race TV coverage.

News Flash!

If you too want a quality production for your club or company please contact Marc Bow whos details are at the bottom of his letter.


Billy Leisegang passed on your details to me after showing me your blog site. I am the producer of the governors Cup TV show and would just like to thanks you for your coverage and acknowledgement of Volvo.

It was a real labour of love, no one made any money from the production. I did it so I could do the race.
But thank you again for the coverage, it is appreciated.


Marc Bow
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I was more than pleased to watch an hour of the Govenors Cup 2010 race last night,what a proffesional job it was too,we are to be treated to another hour as part two I note.

The TV main sponser,is I assume Volvo,as they were the company being promoted in the breaks,my thanks to Volvo.

I also note all the other sponsers,who make the package and event what it is,I see this as being a very large event in years to come,check this link to see all the sponsers.

Congratulations to all who are involved!


The broadcast times are as follows:

My thanks to Brian of yacht Zig Zag for the info.

Episode One: 17 Feb at 19:00 on SSport Five;

18 Feb at 13:00 on SSport Six;
21 Feb at 15:00 on SSport Five;
22 Feb at 10:00 on SSport One;
23 Feb at 18:00 on SSport Six;
24 Feb at 16:00 on SSport Five

Episode 2 will follow next week

Episode Two: 24 Feb at 19:00 on SSport Six;

25 Feb at 15:00 on SSport Five;
28 Feb at 16:00 on SSport Six;
01 Mar at 14:00 on SSport Six;
02 Mar at 10:00 on SSport One;
03 Mar at 19:00 on SSport Five

We hope you enjoy it !

Gen and Marc.

A new replacement Holiday 23 rudder

Biaxial glass cloth and epoxy ensures a strong and waterproof Holiday 23 rudder will be the result.

Wetting out or saturation epoxy is the first coat.

Ready to be glassed,which takes a day per side,due to the slow cure epoxy we like to use.

The meranti hardwood blank,now CNC shaped and ready for the final hand shape work,we can the start the biaxial glass cloth and epoxy layers.

With the dimensions now in our computer,we can offer a faster turn round on new orders now,there will be two main sizes,the standard rudder to fit the cassette that allows the rudder to slide up and down,or the one in this picture,which is 150mm longer and will be fastened with its own upgraded pintals,which we can also offer as a 316 grade stainless steel set to your order.


Hout Bay  phone & fax 021 790 3859

ZS5MU Alistair Campbell,silent key

News just in from amature radio man,Justin,tells me the the star of maritime amature radio in South Africa has passed on,as the news below.

Roy - seen this? The net lives on I think - I heard some guy in Kenton

hosting it while I was in Knysna. End of an era . . .

SARL TODAY! Description:

 @Founder of the SA Maritime Mobile Net Silent Key. Alistair Campbell ZS5MU
 passed away peacefully in his sleep yesterday afternoon 14 February 2011.
Alistair's interest in marine matters started many years ago when Alistair
helped a friend build a yacht. Once the yacht was completed and on the water
they kept in contact via ham radio with Alistair giving him the weather
conditions. It wasn't long before other yachts started checking in with
Alistair and the South African Maritime Mobile Net was born round about 26
October 1979. Our thought go out to his wife Davina , A special tribute
with historic audio clips will be broadcast in Amateur Radio TODAY this

Farewell Alistair,it was a pleasure listening to your net daily while crossing the South Atlantic Ocean. Roy

Words from a previous blog on ZS5MU (r.i.p)

The South African Maritime Mobile Net was started by Alistair Campbell ZS5MU some 30 years ago and is ably assisted by his wife Davina ZS5GC and several other coastal Radio Ham Operators. The net operates each day of the week, and provides weather reports from around the SA coast and High Seas, and maintains Ham radio contact with boats off the coast of South Africa "For Met area VII", ie. Brazil's east coast to Australia's west coast and up into the Mozambique channel. There are two regular schedule times as follows:

06:30 UTC: Starts on 14316 kHz for 5-10 minutes, and then moves to 7120 kHz. (New frequency).
11:30 UTC: Starts on 14316 kHz for approx. 30 minutes and then moves down to 7120 kHz. (New frequency).

Main Controller: Alistair Campbell ZS5MU
Position: 30° 38' 29'' S, 30° 31' 3'' E
E-mail = zs5mummnet att mweb dott co dott za
Phone = 039-684-6421
Cell = 083-308-7362
P.O.Box 63
South Africa

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sundowner time.

After a superb days sailing in Chapmans Bay,it was Windhoek beer time when back on the HBYC marina,Notty on the left was principal crew and John on the right was the dockside master who stayed behind to hand us our mooring lines on return,thanks John.

With weather like this,who needs work anyway,its time to build that boat you keep on thinking of perhaps?


Why steel boats should be avoided

Steel boats have their own secrets,well can have if the steel was not pre primed prior to building,which I suspect was the case with the Van Der Stadt Dogger class yacht that Wayne owns.
Thats Notty and John watching on as a very good natured Wayne poses for a picture,his boat needs power grinding inside,so he gets all the dust and dirt all over him,wood epoxy boats never sounded better?
Left click pics for a larger view and see more dirt...............

Wayne,what a good sport you are!


Lotus drives at Indy once again


Check out @ this site for more on this story.



November 17, 2010 - 4:06pm

Story featured in Road & Track

Dario Franchitti has had a memorable 2010. The defending IndyCar series champion won his second Indianapolis 500, he won his third IndyCar title in a down-to-the-wire battle, and he drove some of the slowest laps he's ever clocked at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The fact that those laps were in Lotus-Ford 38/1, however, made the occasion one of the most memorable of his life. The lapping session happened on September 21, 2010 – the first time this car has returned to the legendary "Brickyard" since fellow-Scot Jim Clark drove it to victory there in the 1965 Indy 500.

Franchitti was an appropriate choice to pilot the number-82 Lotus-Ford on its historic drive. Not only has he developed tremendous admiration for Clark, who was killed at a race in Hockenheim in Germany five years before Franchitti was born, but he also is the first Scot since Clark to win the Indy 500 (2007).

Asked why he held Clark in such high regard, Franchitti says he had a huge impact on his life and his racing career. "Obviously I never got to see him drive, but he is my hero," Franchitti said at the speedway just before his session in the car. "It all really started for me in 1993 when I was driving for Jackie Stewart. He invited me to a dinner to commemorate the 25th anniversary of [Clark's] passing. A lot of his friends were there, and people he had worked with. I heard a lot of stories about him that night, and thought, ‘I have to find out more about this man.' And the more I found out, the more I discovered that this was a man I admired tremendously. I feel very humble right now, and very emotional too."

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A day in our bay

After the morning fog had melted off,we took our chance and headed out to Chapmans Bay,South Atlantic Ocean,what a place with a light  cool south west breeze to sail in.

From the saloon,the view was stunning,the place outer Chapmans Bay looking towards Cape Town,the camera a Canon G11 on auto setting.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Teak decks,the before pictures

This was the same boat as in the blog before this one and back in July 2005 and laying the decks on a Hallberg Rassy,setting out is everything,each plank is hand fitted.

The decks need all fittings and gear removing,so a good time to replace with new Lewmar,Harken or Goiot we are re sellers to all these brands.

Fine teak decks are so nice to look at!

We can make changes too,on this boat we split the Lazerete hatch and fitted a center fore and aft panel,then made and fitted two new  hatch lids instead of one to keep things more tidy for the boats owner.

New Laid Teak decks done in Hout Bay,South Africa.

We have organised a number of these,with materials and labour here being  around half of the prices in Englands South Coast,we even had one Hallberg Rassy sail all the way from England here to have a new deck laid.Another boat,had its decks renewed here around five years back,the owner has just returned and has asked for the decks to be serviced by the same craftsman who laid them.

This Hallberg Rassy 42 has nice teak decks,we re laid them for the boats owner five years back.

We use first european quality (FEQ) teak,no sub grades,the planks are pre cut by myself for each section of the boats deck,with the grain on edge to allow more grip under foot and a longer deck life.

Note the details,this takes time and due to the fact we have to work on the boat in the water and with whatever the weather is,it does take time but the time and effort,plus a boats resale value is preserved.

A positive bonus is the HBYC marina fees,a long rental to a 40 to 50 feet sized boat will be around R1200 per month only,thats U$165 at todays exchange rate,so you can leave your boat here on moorings and fly home while the job is done.

Contact me for a quote on a new laid teak deck.

021 790 3859.


Designing and making an Autopilot relay control box

A relay control box can be used to switch things on and off that in some  cases draw too much current for the instrument control itself,or even a fridge,using a light dependent resitor to control a 12 volt relay and you can switch your boats fridge off and on when the sun disapears. Given that most modern 12 volt fridges will run easily with two 100amp batteries and a single 60amp solar panel,this is a handy mod to make yourself.

Notty is checking a double pole switch to see which connections we need to control an autopilot 12volt drive unit that draws 16amps,which is rather more than the max load (12amps) the control unit is made to work with.
I thought about the fridge control he designed years back and asked him could he design a control unit that switches two ways,left and right,he  came up with the drawing when back in the UK,he is now out here on holiday and making up the required control.

Contact me for more details and a diagram.


Hout Bay  (bay of fog)

phone on 021 7903859 or by email

Monday, 14 February 2011

A sea rescue scene by William Turner

As a card sent to the family last December it was a pleasure to view the painting used by the RNLI in Great Britain as a fund raiser,the card came from Tunbridge Wells but I can not work out who it was from,if your watching please contact me!

Left click for a better view.

Lifeboat Rescue

By J.M.W Turner
Couresy of the Victoria and Alfbert Museum.

A Hout Bay harbour and marina Scene

With the dock the Energy Diet catamaran used still being empty behind the cat Zig Zag,it was fitting that about the same time this picture was taken Energy Diet had just sent their aftenoon position to Karin in Durban via a sat phone,(iridium) to say they were just closing on Walvis Bay.The distance sailed was around 700 sea miles,they did it in six and a half days near enough.

Canon G11 on a telephoto setting,taken at 5pm Sunday.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Yachts new hard dodger kit in marine ply and epoxy

Made some time back,this kit is worth a revisit,we can size it to suit boats,sail and power to  around 38ft to 50 ft possibly others,the kit includes the materials,glass tapes and epoxies,tempered glass and the Dow Corning 813 silicone window sealant,plus a builders guide too.

The hatch kit and grab rails are optional,left click for a larger picture.

Fluid Film works for me

A mail has just come in from Chris, a Fluid Film customer in Durban,we sent to him by post. last year.

Fluid Film works for me from ( Roy McBride’s website ).

I can vouch for this stuff. If you would like to order some email Roy (or phone on 021 7903859)

Check out the deck hardware on a boat I applied Fluid Film to recently,gone are the dull colours and gray plastics,just have a look at your own deck gear and see what Fluid Film can do for you,in stock now,aerosols and one ltr trigger finger application packs.

This model Lewmar STC 16 winch will normally see the black plastic tops turn to an ash grey,even after eleven years in service an application of Fluid Film brings back the black with no bothers at all.

Those now red buttons had turned pink!

Also in the sun for eleven years,this Wichard forestay adjuster still looks new and works well with an application of Fluid Film now and again.

Left click the pictures for more detail.

This Harken Mk3 furler drum still looks new after some Fluid Film on it,its five years old now?

This Lewmar self tailer stays clean and in good condition with Fluid Film,after an application of Fluid Film,the water just rolls off it when it rains.

A new Holiday 23 rudder begins

These things take time,thats why they cost what they do,we start with strips of selected Meranti,edge glued as two blanks,the next stage is setting out prior to CNC shaping.

Another use is found for my large stash of Hillman Imp parts,these are transaxles.

The standard rudder blade is 1.8mtrs long,the class rules allow up to 2.0mtrs long,so an extension of some 200mm,the boats designer tells me some 200 boats were built and the standard rudder is fine but he is ok with us making it up to 150mm longer.

The two laminated blanks will be offset so the joins do not line up,each face will be CNC shaped,then laminated together prior to hand glassing with  biaxial cloth and epoxies.

Note,the original Holiday 23 rudder,made with GRP and foam filled broke as it was too thin on the outer faces,the new rudder should be far stronger with its wood center core and glass epoxy outer faces.

Rudders and foils for many classes of boats,or self steering paddles are possible,we can send country and world wide (30 export countries to date)


Hout Bay
South Africa

021 790 3859  fax and phone