Saturday, 10 November 2007

CKD Kit- Nick Fairly's DD34 Launched in October 07

Nick Fairly launched his DD34 today(11-10-07) in Hout Bay and what a perfect day too.

He took two years to build his boat which is one of our kits, the finish inside and out is A1, very few pro shops would do better, if as good.

The boat's name, Nandi, means "nice" in English. Which seems to be well suited!

Nick takes part in the local club races so watch out for this "nice" boat come sailing by.... because he sure won't be behind you for long! We are expecting to see some rather Glum faces as this boat is sure to be one of the fastest!

Late April 2008 news,Nick Fairly is now the HBYC Rear Commodore Sailing Officer,well done on your appointment Nick!


Hello,Roy here again,we started this in May,now its November,where has our year gone to again! No complaints its nice to be busy all year.

We are now better stocked with plywoods than ever before and have just stacked the shippment of Superform bending plywoods that arrived last week.We also have a new line of plys from a top french plywood maker.

We are very busy on our kit boats side too,a 'Proteus 106' catermaran is being cut right now and the owner has been taking production away in parcels as we cut them,he will assemble panels at his home then move them to his building factory in Philipi.The designer,Angelo Lavranos, will be here in a week or so to check progress.

The Didi 38 design kit by Dudley Dix,that we are working on, is very close to becoming a final order,this is a special,we have done them before,one shipment to a far flung place,open the container and you find a wholeboat inside,just in parts!

Our 6.6mtr power boat design by Angelo Lavranos,has also started to become an order,it will either happen late this year or early into the next one.

Designers,we would like to welcome Mr Michael Storer aboard as the new addition to our design team, Micheal is from Austraila and has a whole new concept on river boat designs,they move in very thin water! We have asked Mike to look at designing a Canal boat for Britains 7000 miles of canal waterways.

Didi Mini Transat kits,we have one ready for delivery ex stock,Dudley tells me he has sold about 80 sets of plans,we have sold many of these kits, built two in our factory,with two more being built in Cape Town,one of which has just sailed to England,UK.

Busy? yes I told you we have been busy!

Best Regards for the festive season and all the best for 2008!