Saturday, 29 August 2015

Hillman Imp Californian, a daily driver

This eventually happened but only after a years working on the car, not all day I must add but often it was at weeks at a time.

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The car is an export model and was built in 1967 at Scotlands Rootes Scotland, Linwood plant. It came off the line February 3rd 1967. Said to be one of only sixty known to still survive, some tell me its fifty five?

The idea is that this will remain my own classic car but we know how things can change and other projects come along.

The cars original interior was copied to the best ability of true craftsmen.

The engine was opened and inspected, then  rebuilt by myself a few years back but has done few miles 
since. A large selection of Imp spares are normally in stock.

This is yesterdays picture as I had just fitted the engine cover lock plate.

This is a matching numbers car, the engine still uses the original pistons and crank bearings it left the factory with. The engine was fitted with the Sunbeam Sport cylinder head and twin Stromberg carburetors some time back. The oil cooler is part of the Sport Imp option, the all alloy Mocal type was used instead of the Rootes wire brush version.

The car is a joy to drive, the rebuild program is far from complete but the car is licenced and is roadworthy.

How easy was this?

I have a forum that has 62 pages of the rebuild on it if you really want to know!

Selective restorations of your own car may also be possible.