Saturday, 21 March 2020

LED lights for the Toylander

The idea to fit some spare LED white lights as front side lights went well.

The LEDs are far brighter than the lights with festoon bulbs.

They are a brilliant white and as they use a fraction of the power of the festoon bulbs have to be the lights of choice.

They draw milliamps while the two head lights which have 10watt Festoon bulbs fitted draw 1.8 amps together, then the same for the red rear tail lights.

As the LED lights are also brighter I will be fitting the LED bulbs all round to save on power.


Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Toylander 2 front windscreen kit

The base kit now has the addition and option of the windscreen.

There is some perspex panels loose fitted, when the paint has dried they will be bonded in place with a white sealant.

Note for production, 6 mm thick tempered glass is the better choice due to cost and the ease of cleaning.

The frame is made from the same okoume marine plywood that we make the Toylander body from.

The size of the windscreen means that we require an extra panel of 12mm ockoume marine plywood.

The frame can be supplied on its own and with a glass template in 3mm MDF  or with two clear and toughend glass insert panels.

The screen folds down easily, friction on the mount bolts hold it in place when it is raised.

Prices are on application.