Thursday, 10 June 2010

The NSRI wedding advert

The caption reads:
Our volunteers are always on call,worth remembering next time your asked for an NSRI donation.
Left click the picture to see more detail,the camera was a Canon G11.

I have to comment on this advert at the lower end of Kloof Street here in Cape Town,while the world is soccer mad right now for the FIFA World Cup 2010 event,I wonder how many visitors will be needing the highly trained skills of a private non government funded rescue group named the NSRI? I have always been interested in advertising,some are just in your face,this one makes you think and as far as I am concerned is my advert of the year,well done to which ever company came up with the idea,who are they?


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

FIFA 2010 World Cup support from Holland

This is fantastic,what a great show of commitment to South Africas hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup which starts on friday 11th of this month of June.The wall is the side of the Dutch Consul General here in Cape Town,well done on a really good idea being done to perfection.

I took the picture through the windscreen of my truck yesterday afternoon around 2.45pm,the camera is a Canon G11,set on auto,the sun was helpfull being on my right hand side.
Roy McBride

FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cups Rainbow Nation

Well if the host country to the 2010 FIFA World Cup ever needed a good luck omen to their success in the competition,this is it,the rainbow is in the host city of Cape Town and was taken by me this morning with a Canon G11 camera on an auto setting,best of luck to the team!

Left click on the picture for a larger view size.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Pressing Times

We finally found a good use for our fire extinguishers,plus a few other heavy items,thats a Jaguar 3.8 S Type cylinder head you can see (for sale) the saw bed serves as our laminating table when not used for its intended use.

Dragon Boat Paddles,Cape Town

We have some left to clear,made to suit the class rules,they are the correct weight and blade shape,some have the top cross handle missing,we made hundreds of them for the original South African class sponser,Old Mutual, R100 each to clear.

Plantation Teak Bottle Rack Kits

These are really simple to knock together yourself,either glued or not,they can be made as a simple one 12 bottle square shape,or tofit the space or cupboard you have in your kitchen or lounge,the main rails are in genuine plantation teak,planted by the British over a century past,the pins are in fluted Pink Beech,so a nice contrast,selling to clear while stocks last,a one case lot to take 12 bottles will cost you R140 only.We can pack and post to most places.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Andre Siebert pays us a visit

With the June month,Sailing  magazine featuring the Paper Jet dinghy that Andre had built from one of our kits,it was perfect timing that he should be in Cape Town for a short visit and come and see what we have on right now,he had not even seen his own artical,so it was news to him that his boat was a magazine feature.