Saturday, 14 December 2013

1966 Singer Chamois stainless steel body trims for sale

These date to circa 1966 and were imported from an Imp Club member specially to apply to the
Singer Chamois Sport I no longer have. At forty seven years old, they must be quite a rare item to find theses days?

I was told they are are full set, please have a good look and ensure this is correct. They are in good condition excepting two of the longer ones. The bundle on the left is an oddments lot which is included
with the offer. I do not have the trims to the sport engine cover but suspect they will be easier to find ?

Imported from the UK to RSA they cost me around R2000, that's about GBP115 right now which is what I expect to get for them plus any postage fee, they fit in the cardboard shipping tube easy enough.
Who wants them?
Seems its myself, I have decided to fit them to my own 1967 Singer Chamois and now require those sport engine cover trims, does anyone have them for me?

Friday, 13 December 2013

Hillman Imp, disc brakes to a 12"steel rim

Normally we have fitted these kits to the larger 13"rim,steel or alloy but the person wanting  the 1971
Hillman Imp Deluxe wants to keep the ride original, so series 80 road tires will be used.

The screw driver end marks a small bump that these rims have, it may or may not foul the Ford Fiesta caliper, we recommend you grind two to three mm off that bump to be sure.

There can be some part of the bump left in place, just grind half of it off.

You can just see the Ford Fiesta caliper in the lower slots.
With these standard rims, at least the slots allow some air cooling, which will not be as effective with the Imps standard 8" drums all round.

Kit plates ex our UK supplier now in stock, Cape Town.

How easy is that!


Thursday, 12 December 2013

Hout Bay Yacht Club, the circumnavigators return

This is the second HBYC members boat that has done a circumnavigation to return this year, the other being Fast Forward, the Southwell 62 design in alloy.


This is The Road, a Lavranos 40ft in GRP, Taffy and his wife Shirley are closing the loop by re entering the port of Hout Bay two mornings ago, they spent twelve years on the trip.

Now safe and back in Hout Bay Harbour, the lull in the wind was not to last but we soon had them tied up in a nice safe marina berth, being the first of the cruising yachts to arrive in this season.
Shirley is ready with the bow line, makes a nice change to see a boat well prepared for arrival, then again they are now rather well experienced, welcome home both!
Note, The Road (royal order of ancient druids) has fittings and equipment supplied by CKD Boats cc, cockpit table in teak, plastic teak decking (supplied in Trinidad) and a Watchmate AIS 850 supplied before they got to Singapore where it rose to new fame in the very busy shipping roads.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Daveys peddle boat by Dix Design

We are in discussion with Davey re the supply of materials required to build a new design by Dudley Dix, this one could well become our next kit boat offering?


From the Dix Design Blog:

For as long as man has been on this gorgeous blue planet of ours he has sought to find adventure wherever he can. There have always been those who simply have to see what is over that next hill. When we all know what is over that next hill then the adventure becomes going over that next hill in some way that has never been done before. It has probably not been done that way before because it is just too big a challenge for most people to consider trying.

That insurmountable challenge is the best of reasons for some people to try it anyway, to prove that it actually can be done and to prove themselves to themselves. In the process of succeeding they also prove themselves to the rest of mankind. Some of mankind thinks it exceedingly silly to do these things and will be eternally critical of those who try. They have no adventurous spirit themselves and would never attempt anything that they consider the least bit risky or dangerous. Some of them become bureaucrats to control others or they encourage bureaucrats to stop the adventurers from being adventurous, a misguided attempt to protect them from themselves.

I have written here before about one such adventurous person, Anthony Steward. He is the only person to have sailed around the world in an open boat. I am fortunate that Anthony selected my TLC 19 hull as the basis for his open boat voyage. Everyone thought that he was crazy in his quest but he was permitted to do it. That is how it should be.

Still an incomplete design, the openings and windows will be designed in later, Dudley mentions he may also do this as an open pulling boat, this type of boat has become very popular by others recently.


Monday, 9 December 2013

Jaguar 3.8S type tubeless wire wheels in Cape Town

I have been involved with Jaguars for over three decades, our own car has just found a new owner and will do the next Southern Africa round tour rally, this rally takes place over 26 days and is quite a serious event but for older and classic cars. Pre 1966 is the class our Jaguar has been entered in.

The car has low road mileage wire wheels, the correct curly hub pattern, not the later flat hub type.
The rally organisers suggest two spares be carried, they were brought in specially for the car from MWS, in Manchester, England where I bought the original wheels from.

The clutch is a Hillman Imp Mk2 flywheel and pressure plate, it will be rebuilt as a spare for stock.

Just like my original ones but with some noticeable updates, one is that blue tag, each wheel now has its own ID.

The packing lable gives you 24 hours from time of delivery to inspect each wheel in case a claim is wanted.

This is the major change, they are now tubeless and banded over the spokes with what was once a liquid, now semi solid, its going to be forced tighter to the spoke heads when the tire is pumped up with air.

The cost to the wheels was one thing, local handling and RSA Vat at 14% added R920 on the two rims, still that was better than the UKs 20% Vat!

These rims have been sprayed and given what looks like a clear coat lacquer finish, we can do that to the cars own wheels if the owner wants.

How nice are these wheels!