Friday, 17 December 2010

A view from aloft

Just to proove we have calm days in Hout Bay,this is one I took from the top of a mast early this year in mid January,the weather will be like this for the next two days,then the SE trades return once again!

Those empty slots are all full now,such is the amount of visitors to the Hout Bay Yacht Club this season.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Bow lines in Hout Bay YC marina

Visiting yacht Chessie takes the strain with  outer bow lines,this is the first time we have had them in place and they really work well.

New for this year and only put in place around a week prior to the arrival of the ARC Around the World fleet were outer mooring blocks,specially cast in the HBYC clubs boat park,then placed by proffesional divers.The blocks are some 30 meters out with chain and risers to the marina,when not in use they will just lay on the bottom,its about eight meters deep here?

After the gale

Left click the photo for a larger view.

The evening before it was blowing around 70 knots in Hout Bay, a second ARC around the world fleet required assitance from the NSRI Station 8,who did a mastefull job of towing her in,even asking the yachts skipper to put his engine in reverse to act as a drouge to slow the yacht down.The yacht was delivered safely to harbour and left for the night on a clear space of harbour wall.The next morning she was moved to the safety of the HBYC marina,seen here being tied up by HBYC members and vistitors.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Monte Carlo performance road springs in Cape Town

left click pictures to see in more detail.

The longer springs are taken from the standard sport spec springs,just look how much longer they are!

Whats in the box? check below.

They have just arrived from our suppliers by UPS,this is their delivery driver Arashaad seen holding the packed carton,he was really keen on the idea and the various things we do here.

A brand new set of Monte Carlo Hillman Imp road springs,they are shorter and an up rated version of the standard and sport type rings.

Hillman Imp full roll cage installed

Left click any picture to view in a larger size.

Note the high standard of welding,the cage is based around the British Motor Sport Yearbook 2010,known as the Blue Book.The tube size being 45mm x 2.5mm wall thickness,which is quite massive,the cage will really add protection to the driver but also stiffen up the car body,adding to suspension performance.We will be installing a front radiator and disc brakes to the front wheels.

Progress on our order to produce a  fast (very) road/race Hillman Imp continues,it will actually be badged as a Singer Chamois Sport as we have the licence papers to car number 610 made,so we are doing a re body of the original car.The car will be painted in colours of the famous Fraser Imps that were so dominant in Britain in the sixties and seventies.This car will have a 998cc engine with a Sports series108 cylinder head,which has been ported and fitted with Wills rings gaskets,the race camshaft will be an R20 type and is being specially ground for us by Piper Cams in England.

We have one 1967 Singer Chamois for sale,it has a part Sport motor,four branch Hartwell exhaust manifold,twin Stromberg carbs and alloy four branch manifold,plus the sport oil cooler. We also have a Hillman Imp rolling shell,its a late model,probably 1973,this car can be sold as is or to any standard you require,contact me for details.


Monday, 13 December 2010

Didi mini cruise to deck level

This is Davids build  in Australia,made from one of our kits supplied and shipped to him.We siupplied the drop keel,lead bulb hot pour ballest parts and stainless engineering parts too.

Thats a great idea to paint out before laying the decks.

International Paint supplier

We have used and sold International Paints for over 15 years now,its top quality based on an epoxy based primer that will cover most surfaces,including oil based paints,this allows you to finish with a polyurethane surface  coating.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Hout Bay yesterday

The HBYC marina were expecting another arrival of the ARC around the world fleet yesterday,given it was gusting over 30 knots in our bay,their passage around Cape Point to Hout Bay would not have been an easy one? Two were mono hulls,the other a catamaran,the monos are in but the cat is still out there,this one came in first and required the assistance of the NSRI Station 8 from Hout Bay Harbour,thanks and well done guys.

This yacht had rudder troubles,another yacht that was standing by,lost the use of their roller furler and had to drop the head sail,then the out haul went on the main,so that had to be put away,with its mizzen and engine only,they were sailing backwards,so Station 8 went out and towed them in,what a well done mission for Station 8.

The ARC fleet boat now has an NSRI crew member on board and is being lead into the harbour.

The NSRI crew member is in red on the boats foredecks.

Safe inside,there was a lull in the wind while this part of the assitance was taking place but it was really blowing stink out in the bay when Station eights two boats met up with this yacht,they did the crew transfer out there,so all those days we see them in practice was real time on this day,well done lads.

The camera is a Canon PowerShot G11,all pictures by  R McBride