Thursday, 16 September 2010

A new Didi Mini Transat build in Cape Town

Winner of a competition of a kit to help younger sailors has started,we have Shane and his partners now assembling the hull station bulkheads and doing a trial run on the boats stringers,we will be supplying them the hull and deck skins soon,when turned over they can start on the boats interior,we have the only Didi Mini Transat interior available,its all part of our basic kit and saves you weeks of setting out and then hand cutting.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Hillman Imp full race car now building

Well it will be in a week or so,the shell is stripped,we have the required 998cc special engine block,the twin Weber 40 dcoe carbs,they will sit on one of our own fabricated inlet and exhaust manifolds,the camshaft will be an R20 designed by Rootes Competitions Dept back in the late sixties,its the same profile as I used on my own race car back around 1974.

The car will be stripped to save weight,it will have a front radiator,disc brakes and some clever suspension mods to allow the car to be tuned to suit its handling.The paint job will be a copy of Alan Frasers successfull race car which can be seen here in Gavin Ritchies pictures.

The car is to be exported but we will have it road drivable and licenced in South Africa before it leaves,we have one more Imp thats a possible for similar conversion,its a late model,1973 year car and in fine condition,we can prepare that car to suit your own requirements.

This means I have been tuning Imps for around 40 years?