Saturday, 9 August 2014

Keel and foil shaping

We will no longer do the finishing works on rudders and foils but can still offer the CNC works on laminated hardwood blanks we can still produce.

A drop keel to one of the Dudley Dix designs, check the link above to view the process.


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Coventry Climax stickers

We have done these in silver vinyl for some years now, and order to England was posted on monday and from Cape Town, the picture shows that they arrived today and by thursday, what a good postal service!

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The car is a perfect example of a Rootes Car Co Sunbeam Stiletto, check the rear window.

Timmy the family cat approoves!


Sadler 26 a new rudder in white epoxy primer

The weather has perked up and it has become decent enough to apply the International Intergard epoxy primer to the Sadler 26 new rudder.

Two full coats today, then final spot filling with ABE 201 epoxy filler, then again two more coats of epoxy primer.

These will be available as a kit from now on, once we have prooven the idea works as we have done, you can shape and finish your own from now on.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

DS 15 sport boat rudder and foil

A little while back we posted pictures on the lamination then CNC work of a foil and rudder for the DS 15.

Jim has now shaped them, news from Jim below.

PS, I used a dark wood stain for spraying the routing coves. It gives a
micro stain under the bottom of the cove allowing one to do final finishing
without losing one's place, once the cove disappears. Seemed smart at the
time and worked well. Not if one intends to leave it bright however. But a
better overall result methinks.

This is the rudder, we laminated African Mahogany for this order.

Both were vacuum bagged. Rudder is now faired and ready for final primer
coat. Centreboard has one side sanded and filled, ready for final filling,
sanding & first primer. Other side is still raw off the vacuum form. Next
week's problem


Thanks for the feedbackJim,


The Hillman Imp, a rebuild of a 1971 model

The car was taken apart, then as many of those parts were re painted or in many cases either electro galavanised and in some cases chrome plated as an up grade over the standard black painted finish.

The picture shows the cars original transaxle (gear box) refitted, the clutch slave cylinder and clutch release pad are new, as are the output drive shaft rubber couplers, out of sight are the two forward rubber transaxle mounts, new and imported from the UK suppliers.

The rear engine mount rubber was of course replaced with a Rootes parts number marked new one.

The car will be uprated when we can do so, rust preventer will be injected in all the places rust is known to happen, a new car? not really but this car will exist for decades to follow.


I know of possibly two more Hillman Imp based cars we can rebuild, let me know if your wanting one?