Saturday, 9 January 2010

VDO Amp Meter connections

Always use a large gauge wire to connect an amp meter,6mm multistrand copper auto wire is the norm,keep the wire run as short as possible.
Note,on VDO gauges the letter G means Gerber,meaning signal,not gound,WK means switch terminal and M means earth or negative.

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VDO Water Temperature Gauge connections

Please note that both positive and negative earth options are shown,today a negative earth is normal.
Note,on VDO gauges the letter G means Gerber,meaning signal,not gound,WK means switch terminal and M means earth or negative.

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VDO Oil pressure gauge connections

Note the diagram to the lower right with the power boat on it,this has a sender unit that is what is called 'Above Earth' (thanks for this info Tony) if you check the diagram to the left,you will note that the sender unit is grounded,this will cause stray currents in a marine enviroment and is not recomended due to corrosion,probably your engine.

Testing your sender unit,you will need a multi meter with an alarm,that or a 12volt test lamp.With the engine stopped you should have an open circuit,meaning the tester will sound its alarm,or in the case of a test lamp,it will light up.When the engine is started there will be no continuity.

VDO Above Earth sender unit code number for a 5 bar and 74 psi gauge ,the old part
number was 360 723 the new number is 360081032001c

Note,on VDO gauges the letter G means Gerber,meaning signal,not gound,WK means switch terminal and M means earth or negative.

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note the date on the lower left hand of the drawing,seems I have kept it some 32 years!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Materials supply shop

CKD Boats makes boat kits but we also retail any material that may be required to fit boats out,the keel boat in the center of the picture is a steel Dix 38,one of three that Errol at S Products,Cape Town, built from scratch right up to launch and in one case to delivery via Trinidad and the Panama Canal,then north to California.We supplied all materials such as plys,wood,glues and finishing laquers,the boat pictured is now on a christmas holiday in New Zealand.We can ship world wide in a flat pack to order.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Build and launching of Outcast.

These pictures were taken from the Power and Sailing RB web site,they have made the Proteus 106 one foot longer and rebranded it as an RB36.the boat was hull number one,it was lofted by hand and is not from one of our kits,we are told our kit will save even a pro builder some 400 working hours,thats 50 days at 8hrs a day!

Sailing catamaran RB 36'
Plywood - epoxy construction.
Angelo Lavranos, naval architect designer.
Heavy duty, living aboard vessel.
This boat is ready to sail around the world at an unbelievable price, ready to sail away, included the rig and an outboard motor fit inboard.
Custom made interior, plenty of space and storage.

Our 36 is a nice Angelo Lavranos design,
Excellent cruiser and potentially a good racer. Nice living aboard for a couple and good machine for long cruises and passage making.

RB 36 Base (Plywood / outboard).
RB 36 Luxury (Honey comb construction, luxury interior, 2 x 14 hp sail drive motors).

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

January 2010 special offer

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For the month of January 2010 we are including shipping in our kit price offer,this is on larger boat kits,not dinghies,unless a dinghy is included in the main boat kit order,includes shipping port to port.This means you can now have a Proteus 106 catamaran kit to your main sea port for just R169,000 or U$28,837 only,plans are not included,terms and conditions apply.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Optimist kit set ply panel packing picture

Our orders are well crated and packed,when the crates lid is fastened down,the crate with then be steel banded as well.

Argie 15 kits set panels

This is Mike displaying five of the six panels required for the the Argie 15 dinghy marine ply panels,we use a high quality 6mm thick five ply Ockume veneer marine ply stamped to BS1088 marine grade,you can see the amount of work our kit sets save you.Our kits contain all parts required to the designers materials list,including epoxies,copper wire and glass tapes.

Monday, 4 January 2010

New mast rigging cable made by Colligo Marine in the USA

An emergency stay kit.

Jack Molan -San Carlos, Sonora - Mexico,Jack replaced all of his standing rigging on his 34 foot trimaran,this is Jack holding up his new rigging with just one hand! read this for Jacks story in Duckworths Magazine.

Inovation in a box,every cruising boat should carry one of these emergency standing rigging kits.

Actually its not a cable,its rope but very special rope made from synthetics,its twice the strength of the stainless wire it replaces but weighs only one sixth,so in the case of a yacht around 37ft,you can pick the entire standing rigging up with one hand! it costs about the same as 316 stainless,so the change to a better line and the massive saving in weight will cost you no more,so your boats extra performance and load carrying will cost you nothing extra,we will now offer this option to all our pre built and mast kit customers.

A word about Quality at Colligo Marine

Our Goal at Colligo Marine is to bring to market the highest quality product.

We strongly believe that "Quality Sells Itself" and that is our Mantra.

About our Safe Working Load (SWL)

We pull test a statistical sample of all of our products, manufactured or purchased components. The SWL is determined by us by the mechanical pull testing that we have completed by an independent lab.

Colligo Synthetic Systems

All of our Colligo Synthetic Systems hardware has a 2/1 design factor of safety (SWL is ½ of actual breaking strength). Finite element analysis is completed on our critical hardware along with pull testing to determine the actual breaking strength. All of the hardware in our Colligo Synthetic Systems line is Made in the USA.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Whies patent white fuel system Hebburn on Tyne

Taken from the webb site.
Aquitania (from the Big River)
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This is a photo from the The Big River, Port of Tyne/Gazette publication, showing the Aquitania arriving on the Tyne in the early 1920's to be converted from coal to oil burning. The link to Hebburn is that she was being fitted with The White's of Hebburn Patent Oil Burning System. I wonder what yard it was carried out at. There seems to be quite a crowd watching the arrival. The tug at the bow is the Hendon.

Ian Cape Cutter 19 progress

Ian in Picton,South Island has reached the stage when the deck is epoxy sealed prior to painting,he has his Sampson Post fitted and even fitted the 316 stainless fittings we supplied with his kit,I think Ian will be sailing soon.