Saturday, 9 February 2013

Building Brer Terrapin, pictures of pictures

More here from Ruth, at this time she has used a digital camera to take a picture of a photograph in her album, so definition will be lost.

The boat is an Ingrid 38 by Wm Atkin.

The builder was Pip Smith, his brother Mike and their father, it was a seven year project, not including the masts. They may have been made by others, I remember the sails on board were made by Lee in Hong Kong.

Planking up, there were also wide brass bands under the planks, the bands or straps were to stop hull twist.

The hull is planked, think in mahogany, what a huge undertaking!

This was about 1966, so some forty seven years ago, South African sailing heritage.
The last we heard was a new owner was to sail the boat from the USA to Ireland, does anyone know where the boat is now?


Friday, 8 February 2013

The South African Maritime bands

SA Maritime Net

The South African Maritime Net operates 7 days a week, and provides weather reports from around the coast, and maintains contact with boats off the coast of South Africa and up into the Mozambique channel. There are two regular schedule times as follows:

06:30 UTC: Starts on 14,316 kHz for 5-10 minutes, and then moves to 7,120 kHz.

11:30 UTC: Starts on 14,316 kHz for approx. 30 mins and then moves down to 7,120 kHz.

Information on South African Hams is to be found here



Brer Terrapin, the beginning

This boat was the beginning of many things to many people, in my case it was the beginning of a sailing tradition which has stayed with me from 1976 to this day. I crossed the South Atlantic on this boat, Cape Town, South Africa to Salvador, Bahia, Brasil. By my calculations this was her fifth South Atlantic crossing, with two each way having been made that far.

The various blog entries I have done on the yacht Brer Terrapin have been found by the builders wife and brother.

There are many other entries on Brer Terrapin, search them out if you can.

Pictures are old but quite usable when the time period is known.

A picture supplied by Ruth Smith.

This is Brer Terrapin, an Ingrid 38 designed by Atkin and built over a seven year period by Pip Smith, his brother Mike and their dad.

More on this exciting find when the story is given to me. check on the web, Brer Terrapin is an Ingrid 38 and can be found here

This is one heck of a boat to build, its great that we now have CNC kits!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Kenwood TS-450 S wanted for parts

I need a suitable doner set with a working audio side, reception and sound etc.

All that is needed is the incoming reception and audio side.

Preferably the parts should be in South Africa unless the boards have been removed from the doner set?


The Philips SBC 320 cordless soldering iorn

This was a gift one Christmas and some decades ago, I had a new set of batteries installed last year and the tool is back at work, recomended!

  If you can find such a tool, buy it as its just the job for those smaller jobs that do not require excesive heat. The battery lable says   2.4v 1.8ah 12.19 SAFT

Repacked with the new batteries, not expensive either.

Wall charger details, this is for 220v ac to 5.3v dc


Tal Gal at Ilha Grande, Brasil.

Yacht Tal-Gal was the idea of the local manager of Tal Tile Adhesives, the plan was for six girls to enter the 1982 international yacht race from Cape Town, South Africa, to Punta Del Este, Uruguay. Due to very light airs that year many of the fleet ended up with a DNF.

I was one of the two who sailed the boat back from Brasil where the boat made shore in Rio De Janerio.

A very youthfull looking Roy, Alan Butler took the picture using my Canon FT 35mm film camera.

Peter, the owner of the land we were on and call sign PY 1 ZAK had his ham radio shack high up on the hill behind his beach cottage home, we drove up in his VW jeep, the shack is out of sight but was to the right of the picture.

A full blog on this place can be found here.

QSL card from Peter, he gave me another one.

Elangaini is on the left an Tal-Gal on the right, what a perfect place to anchor!
Elangaini was one of the finishers and had sailed back up the coast .
Pictures by R McBride

Entries for the 1982 race, again to Punta del Este, increased from 36 to 48. The international sporting boycott of South Africa, in protest against its apartheid policies of the time, saw to it that there were only two foreign entries in the fleet.

The race developed into a duel between the South African Navy entry Voortrekker II, skippered by Bertie Reed, and Rampant II, skippered by Alan Tucker.

In light winds, the two yachts, both designed by Angelo Lavranos, fought it out for the lead, but the light winds saw them being passed by smaller boats at times.

Just after rounding Ilha de Trinidade, the race swung in favour of Rampant II, who benefited from running into a number of rain squalls. She reached Punta del Este a day before Voortrekker II, but the Navy entry had the satisfaction of finishing two-and-a-half hours ahead of Rampant II on corrected time.

Suidoos took victory in a tightly-contested battle for handicap honours.

Read more:

Monday, 4 February 2013

St Helena Island moorings are now in place.

Said to be twenty in number and long overdue, at least one yacht was lost in recent years due to a sub standard mooring the owner was told to use?

My thanks for the use of the picture, taken by 'Hedge' Shuter.


16 January 2013

St Helena Island now boasts ‘World Class’ moorings. Eight months of hard work and commitment have resulted in a high quality and robust mooring field for visiting yachts. Situated on the Western side of James’ Bay, the new moorings were completed in time for the finish of the 2012 Governor’s Cup Yacht Race and have received fantastic comments from race participants.

Billy Leisengang, Principal Race Officer of the Governor’s Cup Yacht Race has commented:

“The Governor’s Cup Yacht fleet were very happy with the moorings. We had a very good closing meeting with the Harbour Master and Chris ‘Hedge’ Shuter, Project Manager, with fantastic comments and feedback - everyone is delighted about the moorings and feeling safe about their yachts

The full story is here:


My wrecked pride n joy #tears#

This is a disaster, not only is this a fine racing car but the very body is now rare and a true classic. In South Africa we only have two racing Hillman Imps, one more was prepared by myself and sent to a customer in the UK last year and thats just about it since 1972, thats forty one years (41) !

Note, I have access to just one more Imp shell, its a 1972/3 model, I even hold the original V5 registration documents, the car can be restored to any standard and end use.


Hello Roy,

 Thanks for your concern, I was watching from the stands as my lil Imp was Anglaied!! Read all about it!

 with regards to my Imp..... well when i first watched my friend Phil Webb who was reunited to a quick Imp doing a fine job at keeping some larger cubic centimetered equipment behind him in his first heat (after some twenty years or so absence from racing) my emotions were filled with happiness for him and with a tinge of pride as to how the car was performing and how pretty it looked. My happiness/pride turned to sad disappointment as the left rear let go and Phil was beached in the kitty litter in turn four. My happiness/pride, then disappointment soon turned to shock when a few laps later a flying Ford angle grinder flew straight off the track and in a split second wrote off my pride and joy! I manfully held back tears but inside i cried.
 later my happiness/pride turned disappointment turned shock later turned to anger! How could this accident have happened if all drivers were respecting the rules of a waved yellow? aren't they supposed to 'slow down and be prepared to stop'? What would have happened if the marshals had been in the throes of extricating the stricken Imp when the Anglia ploughed into them? serious injury would have been the least one could expect! Perhaps the reason the marshals decided not to remove the Imp from the firing line was a decision bathed in self preservation for which i blame them not one iota.

A sad day for Impers, the place was Zwartzkop,South Africa and on Saturday the 2nd of February 2013, pictures and words supplied by the cars owner Terence Tracey.
There was however some good sides to the incident; the front lights are still in perfect working order and Phil was able to crack a few hop extract frosties well before sundown and enjoy a first class day's racing with family and pals. incidentally, on March 17th i am driving another Imp to London in a few weeks and one of the charities that i am raising funds for is the Johannesburg Society for the Blind..... do you think the driver of the Anglia who obviously didn't see the furiously waved yellows would be upset if i arranged honorary membership of the JSFTB? Or maybe just present him with a nice white cane!

And yes I am ok but of course very sad!

Incidentally, who sent you the info?

See the link below, you will need to join the forum, its free!

 Terence Tracey

Inside a wooden boat

Boats can be made from all sorts of materials, this one was made from wood/epoxy, the interior was fitted out with wood also.

The boat was designed by Dudley Dix find it as a Dix 43.

The idea with this fit out was to showcase the materials when mixed, there is white ash, teak and holly, mahogany, beech, red cedar, as a mix it sounds odd but when installed it all came together quite well?

Stocks of many of those species in bendable veneer sheets are still available, we also have teak, beech, maple and oak solids.

Churchill special tool RG355 for Imp head bolts

The recent rebuild of a very early Mk1 Hillman Imp engine, number 1572 of around 440,000 made, calls for the cylinder head gasket to re tightened after a suitable time of running to full temprature.

The engine is on a bench, connected to an Imp cooling fan and radiator, plus dynamo, Lucas regulator and a 12v battery.

This does save a lot of time! without it we have to remove both the overhead camshaft and its all alloy carrier, thats plus the tappet buckets of course.

The 9/16th bolts you can see are easy to tighten, those under that camsahft carrier can not even be seen!

The Repco tourque wrench is a joy to use, it has a needle which clicks as it pops out of its spring loaded holder.

Part number 7010141, there was an earlier Mk1 Imp camshaft, number 7100000, can I find one in my spares stock I wonder?

Things are looking good inside this engine, the Shell HX5 oil, a modern 15W40 grade oil and Gud G223 oil filter is keeping things nice and clean.This oil probably needs to be changed to an older specification oil that has more parts per million and suits the bearings specification of older engines better.

This engine is number B41 / 1 /501572 and is now fifty (50) years old! check in for the news of the Go Imp 50 1963/2013 plans.


Sunday, 3 February 2013

OCC members visit

As the OCC port Officer for Hout Bay, we ave been in contact with Anthea and Derek on yacht Sukanuk since they arrived in Richards Bay, South Africa.

left to right

Anthea, Derek, Druma, Tom, Jan and Jean.

They made the FBYC instead of HBYC, then by-passed us and went to RCYC as they need to clear out there anyway.

They hired a car and togther with friends Tom and Jan visited us anyway!

We had a good long chat over a pot of Five Roses tea and I for one know lots more about the so called taxes demanded by the authtorities in the Richards Bay area!


Schwalbe on the HBYC marina

This will be the largest boat ever (safely) moored on the HBYC marina, at 57 ft on the waterline and a weight of 46 tons, it will normally be in excess of the size we can handle?

The boat can moor here due to the fact that at its bow is a pick up line to a large submerged concrete block with suitable studlink riser chain. This was one of seven blocks placed specially fot the ARC World fleet in 2010/11 when the HBYC was chosen to host as many of the fleet as we could handle.
Works for me!