Thursday, 1 November 2018

Wood/Epoxy Optimist dinghy mast step dimensions

The so  called Unofficial Guide for the boat gives a mast step block as 100 x 180 x 60mm in size.

The drawing shows the footprint and the required shape.

We looked at the size given and then read the rules and saw that we can down size it to save weight.

So our Optimist Wood/Epoxy kit has a pre shaped mast step block in it, this one is laminated from three pieces of meranti wood.

The kit it belongs to will be shipped to the USA and with a North Sail and Harken deck gear pack.


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Proteus 106 on drying moorings

This picture shows why a multihull design can work when a monohull design will not.

This river is tidal, which makes little difference when you have a Proteus 106 design.

Plywood kits for this design are no longer available, when we have a replacement design we will post it.


Proteus 106 sailing pictures

The boat was built from a kit that Angelo Lavranos designed and we cut the plywood panels from his cut files.

The boat is 35.00 feet long and built to the correct plan specification, it sails well and has seen speeds of fifteen knots under sail.

This really is a right sized yacht for a catermaran when the needs are to keep things smaller but still have an ocean capable yacht.

The boat is on the East coast in South Africa.

Please note, due to the designer retiring, we can no longer offer this as one of our CNC cut boat kits.