Saturday, 28 May 2011

Real wood laminate veneers

To compliment our Superform bending plys we have stocked various versions of flexible veneers for almost as long as the bending plys.It was on a Craft paper backer,which pushes the cost up but does see it add value on some jobs.

Mahogany,left click for a larger view.

Ex stock right now,we also carry Teak,American Walnut,Maple,Oak,Beech etc.the sheet size is 2.44mtrs x 1.22 mtrs and just 0.06mm thick.

We have quite a range in stock but only in a natural finish,its a wood on wood construction,both side go length ways,finish is perfect and requires no sanding and its just 0.06mm thick. We can now offer in the next shipment pre finished veneers in both Satin and a High Gloss,all you need to do is apply it.

Roll your own or for model makers,use either two or three layers and glue up thin plywoods,thats just 1.2mm thick with the two layers,or 1.8mm thick with the three layers.we can cut to size and send to you so you can make your own plys up.Using our waterproof cold glue,its then a very decent ply.

Thin ply,make this yourself using either 2 or 3 layers of veneer at a lower cost at a model makers shop.
Either 1.2mm or 1.8mm thick depending on your lay up?

Friday, 27 May 2011

Didi Mini Cruise deck engineering kit,wrapped and packed

This is how we receive each kit from our engineers,the alloy finish on this set is in silver epoxy,we can do black or colours too.

The total weight,even when packed is only 13.5kgs so we are sending it by airfreight to the customer who is now in Spain.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Turning our Imp shell

Not an easy job unless its pre planed and we have an engineer make up a balanced turning rig.

The car shell is a 1967 Hillman Imp,found locally and bought in some years back to save it from whatever foul end it may find.

Boat building epoxy

Really an epoxy for general use,from a Toylander to an Optimist to a Dix 43,we have used the same basic type and grade on all these builds.In stock and with micro balloons,which when mixed with our packs of Fumed Silicas make the perfect filler paste when mixed with our epoxy.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Jaguar 3.8 S type and a learner driver

Still some years to go,our first grandson,now four and a half years old,seen here some while back trying out our Jaguar for size.

The Eureka canoe

We sell plans only and have done so for a very long time,the Eureka Canoe design is one by Mike Storer and as good a looking style of canoe as we can offer,there are others of course.

What a fine looking Canoe,we had no input at all on this build,not even the supply of materials,we sent off the plans and he just did his own thing!

The plans from Mike are remarkably detailed,he asks you to use a nice light ply like Ockume marine to BS1088 grade,in this case the builder looks to have used the much lower priced WBP grade,which has only three veneers per 6mm thick,while our marine ply has five veneers per 6mm thick.The other factor is unseen,weight,this canoe will be about 30% heavier,not recomended but it does save cash.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Swiss Didi Mini Transat to Spain

This is another Didi Mini Transat we have connections with,this time not the actual boat as a kit but the deck engineering parts,which is the tiller and links,stantions,chain plates,stem fitting,plus the push and pulpits.

Kyrills boat on the road,its a perfect tow truck and a really well made trailer.

This shot shows just how to load a wide boat for transport by road,the Didi Mini has a removable keel structure for just that purpose.

This looks like a ferry terminal that they took a ride on a ship at?

Now in Spain,we will be packing the deck gear order next week and instead of shipping to Switzerland where the order came from,it will now go to Spain where the boat will be.

The Didi Mini Transat coach roof and cockpit,we can supply plans to this boat,or one of our well known CNC cut kits with all materials and epoxies,we ship world wide and have done so for around eight years now.