Sunday, 22 May 2011

Swiss Didi Mini Transat to Spain

This is another Didi Mini Transat we have connections with,this time not the actual boat as a kit but the deck engineering parts,which is the tiller and links,stantions,chain plates,stem fitting,plus the push and pulpits.

Kyrills boat on the road,its a perfect tow truck and a really well made trailer.

This shot shows just how to load a wide boat for transport by road,the Didi Mini has a removable keel structure for just that purpose.

This looks like a ferry terminal that they took a ride on a ship at?

Now in Spain,we will be packing the deck gear order next week and instead of shipping to Switzerland where the order came from,it will now go to Spain where the boat will be.

The Didi Mini Transat coach roof and cockpit,we can supply plans to this boat,or one of our well known CNC cut kits with all materials and epoxies,we ship world wide and have done so for around eight years now.

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