Saturday, 11 July 2015

Avon Rover 3.1 Hypalon rubber dinghy for sale

The best in the world?

Who knows but for sure this one is right up at the top of the best.

The boat folds and has the addition of an inflatable keel tube to form a V profile which is best for use under an outboard motor.

The floor is in three parts and is joined inside the boat with two special alloy tube profiles to keep them straight and flat.

There is also a front spray dodger and a removable GRP seat in yellow, a second and copy seat is supplied as an extra.

This one has been used just a few times only and is almost unmarked, even the 12mm okoume marine plywood floors are in the original clear varnish and look quite new.

The boat is just about complete, the oars are not original but do suit the boat, otherwise the entire kit is as supplied?


Ex Hout Bay, South Africa.
Simply the best and a full import.
Its a gem!


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Materials sent to Reunion Island are now a boat

We have sent various boat building materials to many islands in the world, the latest one was to Reunion Island and in the Indian Ocean,


 this joins two picture of my project. 



The design is by Mark Bowdidge Marine from Australia, we can offer their plans and the materials to build with on request.

This order included the WBP hardwood exterior plywood, epoxy and the glass cloth to cover the boat with.


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Cape Cutter 19 as a kit?

Now and again our work returns to us from a totally different source?

Ian moved down to New Zealand many years back, when his pension kicked in he used some of the cash to order a kit for a Cape Cutter 19 to be able to build the boat of his dreams, he made a fine job of it too.

We can no longer offer this size of boat but can offer the Cape Henry 21, it is just 10% larger.

The picture and the message below came in today!

Hi Ian, 

Thanks for those pics, I'm so impressed with what you have built there, so nice and new looking still, that I'm sending them to our boat building expert.

Well done,



Monday, 6 July 2015

Fishing Boat repairs in Hout Bay Harbour

A little further along the wall more repairs are in progress, note the sunken trawler, named the Barbra, she went down one stormy night when the resident crew was not on board?

The two bouys further out mark another sunken fishing boat.

When will someone do something to clear all these sunken boats? I think there may be fifteen of them now?