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Deck hatch new Plexiglas lens kit

This has been an idea for some while, we have the CNC machine to do the Plexiglas cutting, the correct UV proof sealant from Dow-Corning, so why not make deck hatch service kits?

This was in a nice safe place on the deck of a boat, it could not really be stepped on, the damage you see came from the sun and the method of bonding of the center handle.

This is from a Lewmar made hatch, in this case the sealing of the 8mm thick Plexiglas to the alloy frame is done with a rudder sealing strip, as you can see we can take this one apart.

We can do port lights, open or closed, deck hatches, clear, smoke or blue tint even white, which seems quite popular now.

Hatches can be by Lewmar, Gebo, Starlight, or probably what ever you have, we will need a template of the existing lens. We then CNC cut to shape and size, plus supply a tube of sealant to install the new lens with.

Local plastics suppliers have Plexiglas, Pespex, Lexan, Ampagard, and Perspex so we have a nice choice of materials to work from.

For those who are local to Cape Town and can remove their hatches we can offer a lens removal and fitting service.

How easy is that!


The Canary Islands from above

A friend sent me this picture!

I assume taken out of the window of what ever plane he was flying back to the USA on?


Click on the image to see a much larger image.

That's Africa to the right, what a desolate looking place?



Friday, 23 August 2013

Blue Shadow of Mauritius

Some time back I did a thread on a classic ocean sailing yacht, Blue Shadow of Mauritius.

I am pleased to say new info on the boat came in just yesterday!


Blue Shadow of Mauritius.

Hi , my name is Noel McKay.

I was the one who 2 handed the vessel to Perth and later to Geraldton.

Shots are of


My now wife Lyn Merrington giving a haircut on the Geraldton trip (via the Abrolhos Islands) (which happened to be our first date)

Myself at the wheel in the Great Australian Bight
Christian at the wheel headed into Geraldton.

I helped Christian look after the boat here in Australia and met JeanMichel and his family, and was the witness in the Ships Log and notice of sale sent to the Lloyd Register when he sold 63/64ths of the vessel to Jeanna for 1 pound ???

Thanks Noel!
She was a Swiss South African athlete and journalist and I think later married Peter..
Christian was certainly suffering the effects of a crushed vertebrae ( a fall on the steps in the Harbour in Vanuatu) and a lot of self medicating with strong pain killers befor e I got him to a doctor in Perth  and then on a plane to Belgium for medical treatment.

I to have lost touch and have had no response to letters sent to his home.

I have some other details should you be interested.

Noel McKay


Black Cat is off to Rio again!

Words taken from the Blogspot of Dudley Dix, USA.

I have done it 3 times before and I am soon going to do it again. Sail in the Cape to Rio Race, that is. I have crossed the South Atlantic 4 times, so this will be my 5th crossing.

In 1993 I raced on the Shearwater 39 "Ukelele Lady" (yes, I know that ukulele is spelt incorrectly but the guy who carved the name board was a bad speller) as sailing master and navigator. The boat was owned by my friend Nick Taylor, entertainer and TV personality.

In 1996 I sailed on the Didi 38 "Black Cat", as skipper and co-owner. Between the 1993 and 1996 races I had designed and built the new boat for the race. After Rio, we cruised her to the beautiful Bay of Islands SW of Rio before I raced her back to Cape Town, double-handed with Jay Barnes, in the South Atlantic Challenge.

Built in my garden in Hout Bay, here we are turning the hull.

( I was one of the guys there helping to turn the boat over that day, Roy)
 In 2000 I sailed on "Black Cat" again, as skipper. By then my co-owner, Adrian Pearson, had bought my share and was sole owner. Clive Dick and Adrian sailed her back to Cape Town.

Now "Black Cat" is 18 years old and has many thousands of ocean and coastal miles under her keel. We are about to head out onto the South Atlantic Ocean again, in the 2014 Cape to Rio Race. We have assembled the same crew as in 1996 with the exception of the navigator. My good friend Brian Cole was navigator in 1996 but is now getting on in years, so we have a younger man in his place.

Read the full story in the link above.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The JoLon Imp needs your vote!

The JoLon Imp drove some 14000 kilometers in just 39 days, that was nearly the entire length of Africa.
In the end they did three continents as they attempted to what most thought IMPossible?

Hello Folks,
I am not sure if you know that a near standard Hillman Imp drove from JoBurg to Coventry in 39 days recently.

They drove 14,000 kms but did about 2000 more on various ferries.

The voting is now open and the link is
The car was named JoLon Imp and owned by Terence Tracey.

Please enter the link above,then cast a single vote and for Tracey, JoLon Imp.
The car was later entered for the Classic Car or the Year Award and got to the last thirty, if it can be chosen in the last
five it will make the display at Birminghams NEC (national exhibition center) world wide we needs votes, can you please
vote as well, maybe forward this mail to others as well?


Folks, this very much depends on you.

Voting is now open!


Thank you Roy McBride

Your vote(s) have been successfully recorded.


That was the email reply when I cast my one and only vote, please read my comments below.

Note, please vote only for Tracey , which is the JoLon Imp,the download I had showed the JoLon Imp at the top, this may just be by chance?

Do not vote for other cars, doing this will dilute the required votes to Tracey/JoLon Imp.

Good luck Terence!

Roy :D
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Journey's End - the Jolon Imp breaks the tape after arriving from South Africa to be part of our Imp 50 celebrations.
Graham Anderson, Imp Club Chairman

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RYA Hout Bay YC marina mooring test

No, I am making that up but just check this seamanship!

It was the MFV Annaliese that extracted itself from the inside of six other vessels a few days back. I was on the marina yesterday and there she is again doing another masterful trick.

Check the stern mooring lines, they are secured to the end of the HBYC marina.
Not one boat mind you but another of a similar size tied along side.
The SW breeze was blowing them on to the marina, I have no idea why they needed to tie up but here they are moving off.

Does the skipper have an RYA or SAS skippers ticket, I wonder but he sure knows what he is doing.



Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Dix 34 for sale in South Africa

Since sold!

This boat is only a few years old, it was well built from one of our kits and has done local races and cruising with some success.

Seen above on the day it was launched, the owner is re locating and asks that we offer his boat and at a very (really) good price!

The boat can be sold with its own marina or as the boat only, pricing will be adjusted as required.

I do suspect that in to days market you would do well to even buy the materials that went into this boat and  at the owners asking price for a quality boat that can easily be ready to do the next Cape to Rio race and further.

Contact me for the full details.


27 21 7903859 phone and fax line.

Click on these pictures to enlarge them.

Buy this now and you can be on the start line of the 2014 Cape to Rio yacht race, I think it starts January 06 2014?

RYA skippers ticket anyone?

Charles told me of a successful week away and on a Far 38 up in Langerbaan, the reason was to complete his RYC course, which I am pleased to say he passed. One of the practical tests was to come up to a bouy in reverse  and against wind and tide then pick up the bouy and make it fast.

No easy job!

I was thinking about this test when I witnessed a skipper who on finding his trawler moored seven boats deep, extracated himself with no fuss to the other six boats.

Click on any picture to enlarge them.

Check in the far corner of the harbour to see what the task was.

With lots of forward and reverse, rudder angle changes the boats prop wash moved the inside boat off the wall.

I assume his crew were busy replacing the other boats mooring lines but for sure out he comes!

The other boats seemed not to be affected in anyway by this.

MFV Annaliese of Cape Town, the scene was in Hout Bays harbour.

An RYA masters ticket anyone?

How great was this !



Some years back I took a Dean 44 catamaran into the same corner, the boat I was skippering was a Dix 43, the mast had just been removed. It was surprisingly easy to position the Dean cat with the boat I was on when it was tied starboard to port.

The Dix 43 has a Perkins 4108 46 hp diesel motor and an 18" classic twin bladed Max Prop which pulls the boat to port when in reverse, had we been facing the other way and with the Dix 43 on the inside, things will have been much different.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Okoume marine plywood to BS1008 standard in Cape Town

We expect some 4mm, 6mm,  9mm and 12mm into stock quite soon, its sized 1220mm x 2500mm and is made in France, please contact me for prices and delivery.

Note, this is a one off, there is no more expected once this is sold.

Okoume marine as made in France

These are  the markings on a sheet of French made 4mm okoume  marine plywood.

This was okoume marine ply that we sent by air to a customer in Mauritius.
Packed between two outer layers of pine ply, then steel banded we can deliver by courier country wide or international.