Tuesday, 20 August 2013

RYA skippers ticket anyone?

Charles told me of a successful week away and on a Far 38 up in Langerbaan, the reason was to complete his RYC course, which I am pleased to say he passed. One of the practical tests was to come up to a bouy in reverse  and against wind and tide then pick up the bouy and make it fast.

No easy job!

I was thinking about this test when I witnessed a skipper who on finding his trawler moored seven boats deep, extracated himself with no fuss to the other six boats.

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Check in the far corner of the harbour to see what the task was.

With lots of forward and reverse, rudder angle changes the boats prop wash moved the inside boat off the wall.

I assume his crew were busy replacing the other boats mooring lines but for sure out he comes!

The other boats seemed not to be affected in anyway by this.

MFV Annaliese of Cape Town, the scene was in Hout Bays harbour.

An RYA masters ticket anyone?

How great was this !



Some years back I took a Dean 44 catamaran into the same corner, the boat I was skippering was a Dix 43, the mast had just been removed. It was surprisingly easy to position the Dean cat with the boat I was on when it was tied starboard to port.

The Dix 43 has a Perkins 4108 46 hp diesel motor and an 18" classic twin bladed Max Prop which pulls the boat to port when in reverse, had we been facing the other way and with the Dix 43 on the inside, things will have been much different.