Saturday, 5 September 2020

 We have sold the  Argie 15 as a kit Worldwide, yesterday another one was collected by our shippers who will forward it to New Zealsnd.

Packing securely is part of what this is all about, that large crate will weigh about 80 kgs and has the eight sheets of CNC cut plywoods, plus the required meranti woods, 65 meters of 2" wide ( 50mm )  and filler powders as well.

Panels when they need to be end joined have the jigsaw joints in them.

There is a roll of 65 meters of 2" wide glass tape and some packets of fumed silica, plus micro balloons, both made by 3M, we can also supply North Sails and a Ronstan deck pack to this design.

There is an updated PDF on what we can supply with prices right now, please supply your email address if you would like to receive that file.