Saturday, 8 December 2018

The CKD Boats Optimist kit

We have shipped Optimist kits to many places worldwide.

The base kit will normally include the required builders jig, that is it standing up in this picture.

The builders jig can be reused a number of times.

The base or bottom of the boat is made from 12mm thick marine plywood and it is that which gives the finished hull the required stiffness, the panel standing up is the bottom of the boat.

The Builders Jig is quite special and it is a design that we did ourselves, again it it the panel standing up.

This panel is in 12mm marine plywood and has the Rudder, Dagger Board, sides to the dagger board case and also the blocks to the bottom of the boat to screw the kicking straps to.

The sides, front and back of the boat are done in 6mm marine plywood.

The CKD Boats Optimist kit ready to pack and ship.

We can also supply the required hardwood pack, a Harken deck pack and North Sails sail.

At this time we use marine ply that is imported from France.

Contact me for prices please.