Saturday, 19 April 2008

Bernd Kohler KD860,a new designer kit offer

We recently had a request to do a price on a multihull that is new to us,its Bernd Kohler's very smart and neat KD860 design,thats only 28 feet 2 3/4 inches by the way,while the boat may be seen to be small,its actually quite large inside,it has two double beds,two heads,one galley and even a chart station,plus an inside lounge area and a very spacious cockpit.Its economical on engines too,just two 6hp outboards,Bernd asks that we use four strokes engines,I agree,while they may cost more they are so much more fuel efficient and the carbon emission on modern four stroke out boards is a fraction of two stokes engines.

Bernd supplies a really detailed Study Package file on the boat,it can be supplied by email very easily,we will use the materials list he supplies to do a kit price,this will be next week and will include all the plys,wood,epoxies,CNC pre cutting to the Bulkheads and Bridge Deck,contact me for information.Photos of the boat in the water and being built are available too.


News Flash! We now have the boat priced as a kit and as a trial indicator,we have also asked our shippers to prepare a cost to the USA,east coast,email me for any information at

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Superform Bending ply as Beech Wood

We supply many boat builders with our Superform Bending plywoods,the end use is either to make boat hull plugs or for interior finishing,often to the required complex shapes that many modern boats can have.One such boat was launched just yesterday,its a Dean Cat 44,the interior was finished in solid Beech wood by the local boat building yard Nebe Boats,they were able to leave the Superform ply seat backs clear laquered in a natural colour,as the plys surface veneer is so similar to real Beech wood,have a look at the photo,I am sure you will agree.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Bronze fittings Nails and Screws

The subject of genuine Silicone Bronze fittings is not one that comes up often,as when prices are important,rather than using the genuine product,often we see customers choose stainless, brass or even plastics used instead but if you want the genuine artical we can supply from the stocks of the local importer,we will also supply in half or smaller packs when we can.Otherwise genuine 316 and 304 Stainless Steel fastners are made in South Africa,making them really cost effective,with all such fastners we sell per 100,we add a small surcharge for breaking and handling the pack lot up to supply you less?

Faryman Diesel engine,8hp,new

We bought a brand new Faryman diesel engine to install in a boat that never got built,we sold the kit instead! So the Faryman Single Cylinder 8hp diesel motor,is now for sale and at a very low price of R17,000 about U$2200 ex our works.The engine is brand new,its never been used or even installed in anything,it still has the makers tag lable on it telling you to put engine oil in it.The engine is water cooled and has an electric start and a hand crank too,there is no wire loom or alaternator,so you need to source that yourself if the end use is a boat? If its for a generator power plant,I assume you can use it as it is now.We also have a used marine forward and reverse gear box at R5000 (u$650),it looks about the right size for the Faryman engine?

24.4.08 News,this engine has now been sold.

Gebo Marine Deck Hatches

Our own use over many years of different makes of boat deck hatches has shown that the Gebo product(dutch) is as good as the best,as with other makes, Port Lights/Dead Lights are also available and included in the fitting instructions,you should find information on which type of marine sealant to use? Gebo recomened,as we do,only using Butyl Rubber Sealant,this type of sealant never dries hard and this means that even many years after you install a Deck Hatch or Portlight,you can remove it very easily,making service work a much easier job.We Stock and use a sealant made by another dutch company called Den Braven, a feature of using this sealant is it never goes hard in the 310ml application tube and cleaning up after installation is a simple mater of using a clean cloth and mineral turpentine.

Jabsco Marine Toilets

Of course no boat is quite complete without a nice new marine toilet,we use and highly recomend Jabsco loos,those supplied and fitted over the past seven years or so,have never given bother or needed a service kit,which should be available ex stock from the Jabsco importers.Two bowl sizes are on offer,what I will call a Mini size and the better option,the Regular size,space in most boats will allow the use of the Regular size,the difference in price being very little? We also supply the various marine sea cocks,anti siphon valves,marine grade hoses and also locally made 100% stainless hose clamps,beware buying those clamps with a hard steel set screw that is just bright galvanised,it will rust in very short time!

Harken South Africa

Harken have a good relationship with CKD Boats going back a number of years,at one stage we were importing Harken equipment direct from the USA,this is now done through a new local Harken South Africa store created a few years back,this simplifies the purchases for us and at least means we have a good supply of spares to hand,just like Yanmar,North Sails,Anderson winches,Garmin,Navman,Harken are just around the corner from our premises,so delivery is fast and reliable.

Lewmar Winches in Cape Town

Selling our kits is often just the start of a new order,we will normally suggest that should the buyer be in an area where marine stores are thin on the ground,or the buyer is not sure what to buy,can we offer to buy in the required marine parts? To this end we are recognised by the following trade brands: Lewmar,Harken,Anderson,Southern Masts,North Sails,B&G,Garmin,Navman,Raymarine,Southern Ropes,plus a growing number of others.

All these brands are represented here due to Cape Town now being one of the worlds largest exporters of boats,many of which are exported to their new owner by sailing them on their own bottoms,Gunboats and Robertson and Caine are just two names that come to mind.The positive spin off for us and our clients is an easy supply of any branded part found from major manufactures world wide.

Yanmar Marine Diesel Engines

One of the nice jobs we get from time to time,is to supply a boat kit and all the related parts that will finish the kit after its construction,one of those Items (two with our cat kits) is the marine diesel engine.We first did such a kit when we got the order to send a Didi 38 kit to Johnston Athol in the Pacific Ocean,its about 170 miles west of Honolulu and the furthest land mass from Cape Town,meaning,if we can deliver there,we can deliver anywhere? That kit had North Sails,Anderson winches,Sparcraft (Southern Masts) mast and a Yanmar Marine Diesel engine,one of the worlds better buys I believe,parts being available world wide.We have just prepared a similar Didi 38 kit,the engine is in the picture and is Yanmars brand new series of engines,this being the first sold of its type here in Cape Town.