Sunday, 5 August 2018

Canon EOS 450D Live view and auto focus

Canon EOS 450 D  Live View settings                                                         August 5th 2018

How to find Live View on the cameras rear LCD screen and activate the Auto Focus option.
Live View is the term that Canon use when you view a larger image through the rear LCD screen that measures 2.5” x 2.0” in size.

Note, you will need to enter Menu and locate Live Viewing and Enable that option.

To set the Live View rather than use the tiny eye window on the top rear of the camera follow the instructtions below.

Use the round selection knob on the top right and select AV.

Press the center button marked SET lower right.

The LCD screen will now display the ‘Live View’

Use the Disp. Button top left to remove or add info until you have a clear screen

Here I have activated the auto focus by pressing the top button and until the white box has turned green, which is when the frame is in focus.

To activate the Auto Focus, press the larger round black button top right and marked with a star *

To start with the auto focus will show a white rectangle center, when this turns green the lens is in focus

To take the picture use the larger shutter button on the right front and top of the camera body where the hand grip is.

Note, the Canon 450D is a ten year old camera as it was released in 2008, it has a 12 megapixel memory and with the standard 18-55 mm lens has an Auto Focus and is Image Stablised.

The Auto Focus will not work when the camera uses the option of Live View via the AV setting option, use the information as above to auto focus or do a manual focus in the normal way.

I find that the option to use a Live View and what is in effect a semi automatic focus suits me and makes the camera just that much nicer to use.

Roy McBride
Hout Bay

The history of The Traditional Boat Association

Colin Davies wrote and had the book published, all proceeds on the sale of the books went to the NSRI.

I have five left and for sale, they cost R200 each and again the proceeds will go to the NSRI.

The book highlights the monthly meetings and talks.

I was asked to do a follow up publication and on the members many classic yachts/

Contact me for your copy of Colins book.

NSRI stands for National Sea Rescue Institute, it is not government funded and requires your support  please.

Pictured is NSRI Station 8 in Hout Bay harbour.


Jaguar 3.8 ltr S Type travels

After some thirty two years of ownership I sold my 1966 Jaguar S Type to a chap from Australia.

This was taken at the hotel Victoria Falls Hotel.

The car also went to Botswana and I believe that it has now returned to Cape Town and for a full rebuild.