Saturday, 26 March 2011

Special import of competition alloy rims and rubber

These arrived while I was away,after trying in South Africa to locate genuine alloy rims and finding either really silly prices and or what were obvious scam offers we went to a recognised retail outlet in the UK and bought the genuine product,ready fitted with tyres and also balanced.

The quality is outstanding,so was the service from the suppliers,we used an export express option on delivery,very reasonable fee at 210 Pounds Sterling only.

The rims will be fitted to the race Hillman Imp (singer chamois sport) thats about to be assembled,special care needs taking with the front rims to keep the rubber flat on the tarmac,a light anti roll bar will be needed/

Special Yokohama rubber,this K6271 72v A048 type is not available in South Africa,so we had to import,using our import licence,paying the duty and vat in the process.

The rims offset is special to the Hillman Imp range,the rim size is 13" and the width is 6",or 2" wider than a Mk 1 Hillman Imp,later to be a standard 4.5" wide but always on a 12" diameter,with the tyres being a series 50R 13 size we will get the lower gear ratios we were looking for.

The alloy rim with its center hub cap and wheel nuts,with a very high quality finish.


Hout Bay evening harbour scene

Ever a changing event,nothing stays exactly the same in Hout Bays harbour for long.

Nice to be back and in clean air with wide open spaces!

Blown away

My good friend Alex Notman took a nice shot of a tree trying to survive around the Cape Point area while here on an extended holiday,you can see which way the wind blows!


Hi Roy,

I'll bet you're glad to be back home, even though you were very lucky with the weather while here in UK you can't beat your weather there especially now that it should be a bit cooler and that big fan in the sky has been turned down a bit.

I'm sending you a picture of a tree in the car park near Millers Point that says it all. Maybe you can use it on your blog to illustrate wind conditions there.