Saturday, 8 September 2012

Cast Bronze and 316 Stainless steel, precious metals

I went out to the trade store in Paarden Eiland (horse island) yesterday, needing some 316 stainless bolts and nuts, plus some dome headed machine screws to install a new cast bronze Blakes sea cock with.

The 316 stainless parts cost retail a whopping R143.56!  thats around U$17.48 right  now?

The good side is I could find what I required and in one store, the threads on the larger bolts are very rare (today) UNC (unified course) and could be hard to find in many places ,Brasil comes to mind? That thread and its nuts and bolts are still used on engines like the British Seagull. You can use a Whitworth spanner on such bolts.

Dissimilar metals? I have used stainless with bronze in this application for many years and never had any bothers, I did not even bother to ask for bronze fittings, imagine the price!

I guess the bottom line is we can at least find such uncommon threads and off the shelf, the sales guy was so well trained that he did not even check the threads gauge, just the diameter, which will be Imperial and 9/16 of an inch, he knew by sight that the thread was UNC.

Shopping for your yacht when in Cape Town makes good sense!


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The Unified Thread Standard (UTS) defines a standard thread form and series—along with allowances, tolerances, and designations—for screw threads commonly used in the United States and Canada. It has the same 60° profile as the ISO metric screw thread used in the rest of the world, but the characteristic dimensions of each UTS thread (outer diameter and pitch) were chosen as an inch fraction rather than a millimeter value. The UTS is currently controlled by ASME/ANSI in the United States   My thanks to Wikipedia for supplying this information.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Yanmar 1GM10 small diesel for sale

This motor was sold 16th October 2013, via the power of this blog!

What have you got for sale?

This has just come on offer, the engine is an early model and puts out 6.5hp at 3400 revs. The 1GM10’s power is 6.5Hp @ 3400RPM continuous.

It will suit a small boat or a generator set, say to 3kva? it can be supplied tested and fitted with what ever new parts it needs. Plus painted of course, there is also a small
gear box that should suit the engine well.

A file picture of the later 1GM10 and with a gear box.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dinos new boat, the Cape Henry 21

We will be featuring this boat quite often soon, they will launch it and moor it in Hout Bay,Cape Town, so for me it will be close by.

Built by Peter Randle Boats, we can repeat this build to order now. Note the bilge keels, an idea once common and for some cruising this idea makes so much sense.

All pictures were supplied by Dino the owner.

This really is a lot of boat in just 21 feet in length, the kit was delivered to Peter Randle only last November, now its a boat and ready to sail.

The Cape Henry 21 will normally have an outboard motor, in this case they found a servicable 1gm10 Yanmar diesel.

Lots of inside space and made larger with the fitting of the bilge keels, as otherwise there will be a box to house the drop keel.

Yacht Stellina, SA4335 and nearly ready to sail.

How nice is that!


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

World Cruising Club

Do you dream of being here?

Come to the Ocean Sailing Forum to find out how!

Dear Roy

Ocean Sailing Forum

Saturday 15 September, 10am to 12 noon
Southampton, UK

If you dream of sailing off into the blue, anchoring in turquoise waters and exploring far-off lands, but are unsure how to make your dream come true, then come to the Ocean Sailing Forum on the first Saturday of the Southampton Boat Show.

What is the Forum?

The Forum is a two hour panel discussion that covers topics such as preparing your boat, selecting equipment, sails and sail handling, life onboard, crew management, route and weather. The panel will share their expert views and opinions, giving you the chance to learn from the experts.

The Forum is only £15 per person, and includes a free one-day ticket for the PSP Southampton Boat Show and the latest copy of Yachting World magazine. Great value for money! Places are strictly limited, so CLICK THIS LINK to find out more and book your place.

This looks like fine value at only 15 pounds (plus the air ticket)


Ferrari at Hout Bays Mica store

Was this Ians new car I was thinking, turns out a guy named Gavin owns the car. We had a chat about the fact that while a Ferrari may be seen by some as just another fast car, it also is in real terms a work of art?

Even the brakes are badged Ferrari!

What has this to do with boat kits you may wonder, the answer is nothing much unless we suddenly sell lots and lots more kits, the truth is I just love the style and quality of such cars.

The way I look at it, well someone has to own and drive these cars, why not me?


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A 1956 Dragon gets new teak cockpit floor grates

They needed re making, as the old mahogany ones had passed their prime, cost wise to replace with the same wood was the cheaper option but in the long run teak was the choice. We had the right quality in stock, a timber yard did the machine work and Will did the joinery, as you can see he did an excellent job!

One margin board still has to be fitted, the planks are a healthy 16mm thick, this means better support and a longer life.

The Dragon class sailing boat is a day sailer only, this one sailed in the 1957 Olympics in Melbourne,Australia.

Genuine teak (tectona grandis) requires no sealant or varnish.

Will has done a great job of shaping and fitting this cockpit sole, the owner just loves the look and feel of real teak on his feet.

How nice is that!


Monday, 3 September 2012

Ian heads south to the Indian Ocean

Ian Baker arrived at Hout Bays HBYC marina a few weeks back with a broken Windpilot wind vane system, we found him a spare berth and he soon settled in while the engineers who had fixed the vane gear in Cape Town re fixed it!  The boat is named Stella and Ian tells me that the boat is a Raffiki 35 and built in Taiwan, the design is by Stan Huntingford of Canada.

Single handing has its moments when your leaving port, other cruisers were on hand to accept Ians dock lines.

Ian ready to cast off, some other yachties are lending a hand.

Motoring out of his sea facing berth.

Ian was some 190 mile south of Cape Point when his repaired vane gear broke, he was heading for around 40 degrees South where he would then turn to Port and travel along the expected winds down there.

The dock lines from the boat to the left were replaced right away.

On his way and into whatever the weather may be as he heads south.

All pictures by R McBride.


Sunday, 2 September 2012

The D and W boatworks in Arizona,USA

Progress has been slow but good, Dave and Wendy bought a Didi Mini Transat kit from us some years back, they now have the boat close to launch day.

We also supplied the lead ballast bulb sections and the deck fittings such as the stantions, pushpit and pulpits.


Septembers i550

We have been asked to cut an i550 sailing skiff this month, we have the plys paid for and in stock, thats 6mm marine plys and with a five veneer layup. When we know the exact model to cut we will post progress on the blog.

Kits and plans can be bought from CKD Boats, right now the plans are on a special discount offer of U$100   less than normal.