Saturday, 3 October 2020

Toylander Series two building

 Some images that may help those who are thinking of building one of our Toylander kits!

This set took  me just 34 minutes to cut free of the 12mm marine ply panel, so much simpler than doing you own setting out and cutting yourself.

My  own first build, it was done in a single day, at this stage it has not been glued, it is held together by the finger joints we developed.

As seen from the rear , still not glued yest.

From the front, note the holes in the front wings, they are closed of with bending plywood shapes we offer pre made.

The bending ply pre shaped section fits into the open area that forms the Toylanders front wing curve.

At this stage the body has been glued together, the finger joints have been filled ( white ) and the total body inside and out has been epoxied with a thin wet epoxy to seal the marine plywood prior to painting.

The plans volume is A4 sized and really detailed.

There is information on engineering and electrical works.

To build a Toylander you will need the plans, they are supplied by Real Life Toys in Wales, UK, we supply the body CNC cut kit only and when you have proof of plans purchase.

Please contact me for pricing on the body kit, I will then mail you back as  there is a PDF you can then read.

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Bombaloza Scull

 The Bombaloza is a single scull, we can do the plans only or a plywood CNC cut kit with the building jig.

Check the picture of a sheet of plywood to see what the jig set looks like.

The built up Bombaloza scull looks as it is seen above.

The plans include drawings for the outriggers.

Please contact me for details on plans or a kit, there is also the Vuvuzella Double Scull.