Saturday, 31 January 2015

Where in the world is this, Cape Town?

Thats what it looks like but your wrong.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

All the bags say Cape Town but this is really Hout Bay Harbour and in winter.

Its a nice splash of colour though.


Friday, 30 January 2015

Hillman Imp 998cc cylinder head gaskets and shims

With the recent assembly and building of a new 998cc engine, a  cylinder head shim was required to sort out pistons that were proud of the block.

This was done in alloy but we can have them made in steel and copper, or a mix of materials and a composite using some quite exotic fibres.

Postage world wide is easy.


Dix Design Jig Saw Joints

Dudley Dix has now introduced a jig saw joint into his cut files, this enables the larger panels to be joined without scarph joints.

This speeds up the panel assembly process by some margin, it also means the skill required to plane the scarph joint is no longer required.

Saving you time, its nice and easy!


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Jaguar 3.8 S type

This was a longer project than I expected, we owned it for thirty two years!

The car was sold last May and last we heard had done a rally across South Africa and was for sale in Johannesburg?

The car was sold with an engine that had been fitted with new pistons, plus a crank regrind and new bearings.

The licence number was kept!


Monday, 26 January 2015

ADT after sales service????

Rubbish is a good place to start.

We asked for a quote on a new alarm and zone sensors, the sales rep was here fast enough, we paid as required and expected the installation the next day as promised.

That never happened, the job was done five days later, its a pity the zone sensors are faulty and we can not use them.

A removal and full refund from ADT in Cape Town , South Africa has been requested.

Would you use this company?


British Seagull 5 hp restoration

This was started last March, it was a bit of a wreck back then.

This is a 1974 model and has a clutch.

The main parts were there but the tank filler had been cut off and thats not a replacement part, so a new neck was turned up from solid brass, looking at the work then involved a complete yet dented tank was imported from the UK, postal strikes in the RSA saw it arrive months later.

Today it was started for the first time, possibly for decades?

Its running in this picture.

All parts are imported, stripped into its main parts the unit is then inspected and rebuilt as it requires.

The pictures will enlarge if you click on them.

Even the tank, which was rather battered has been epoxy faired, painted and had a transfer applied, then we apply coats of clear gloss lacquer to seal it off.

Allow a decent sum of moey for this kind of detailed restoration, thats as long as you have a British Seagull for the work to be done on, more if the engine required a rebuild.

Two British Seagulls are in stock, we can offer a world wide service by arrangement.

How easy was this, try it yourself and see!


The Goat Island Skiff

This is a popular design by Mike Storer, we can supply you the plans and the kit.

Simple to Build Modern Performance - Sails rings around most "character boats"
Light enough to handle on land by yourself 
Easy to follow plans - step by step instructions.  96 page manual.

Length - 15'6" (4.73m) 
Beam - 5ft (1.52m) 
Hull Weight - 128lbs (57kg) - Gaboon (Okoume) Ply 
Sail Area - Lug 105 sq ft (9.75 sq metres)

For purchasers of the plan there is a new birdsmouth mast option

They look complicated but in fact are very easy to assemble yourself, we even supply the assembly jigs!

G.I.S PDF Plans by email - $100