Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Navigator by John Weslford

Yesterday I was brought a British Seagull for a strip down and service. That means an acid clean of the steel petrol tank, drain the gearbox and fill with the correct 140 grade of Castrol gear oil.
Check the plug and also the points in the flywheel. The carburetor was blocked solid from rust in the petrol tank, there is a drain plug and I will advise the owner to drain the tank on a regular basis.

Cape Towns Table Mountain as seen from the MAC sailing waters .

As it turned out the outboard will be used on a John Welsford Navigator that was made from a kit we supplied , we have the plans also.

Blustery conditions to which the Navigator is well suited.

This boat looks good from any angle.

Plans, kit and sails are available, we can ship World wide.

My thanks to Steve for the pictures.


Friday, 27 October 2017

An Optimist kit to the Med,

We have sent our Optimist kits to many countries.

When the order includes the meranti wood, North Sail and Harken deck package we crate as per the picture.

The crate is screwed and glued together, then with the lid on its steel band strapped for security.

Each Optimist is supplied with a fourteen page builders guide.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Hillman Imp piston rings by Repco

New boxed sets of Repco 0.030" sized piston rings for sale.

The piston is there just for scale.

We have crank bearings, thrust washers, crank bearings and also valves.

Postage World wide.