Friday, 25 July 2014

Andreas builds his Argie 15,continued.

This one is coming to the stage where painting will be next on the job list?

We have the Argie 15 sails here right now and next week will collect the Ronstan deck gear, sending by courier will be at the cost to us plus packing etc.

Nice build of a nice boat!


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Making the Sadler 26 rudder in South Africa

The Sadler 26 needs no introduction as a very capable design, at least two went to the Pacific and at least one went right around the world! This I know as it started and finished  here in Cape Town.

To my surprise not even the class association in the UK had a copy of  the Sadler 26 rudder dimensions, so we had to copy sizes from a locally built Sadler 26, make the templates and then as our CNC man to feed these sizes into his PC.

The blank was shaped as we normally do, then sprayed black for reasons I am sure you will be able to work out.

Shaping started today, more pictures later.

Simple ideas like the black paint can be seen quite clearly in this picture.

Many hand tools add to the use of power tools, finishing with the hand tools is always the best way though.

This rudder is a size which can be shipped with the post office should anyone want one ?


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The water level as used for setting up a leveling a boat in build?

This is as simple and low cost as anyone can wish for, plus added to that it is a really accurate.

This is all it is a nice long length of clear plastic tube thats filled with water, note the stopper bungs in the tube wnds at the top.

Click on the pictures to enlarge the image and see more clearly, the Jack Plane is there as a weight to keep the tubes in place.

The pictures should speak for themselves?

The arrow in white and to the left is one of the water marks on a Proteus 106 sailing cat, the tube to the right
shows an arrow and marks the water  level  in that tube.

By adjusting the tube up or down we can get the water level and transfer it even around a corner or in another room, you need two persons to do that!

How easy is this?

Well very easy and if you need to know more get a copy of Sailing magazine (RSA) pages 10 and 12 carry a more detailed instruction on the use of the water level and by Dudley Dix who used our pictures.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hout Bay Marina Berth for sale

This is a very good investment to those who have their own yacht or intend to purchase one in the future.

Marina number 80 will take a larger size yacht, a size 45 feet long will be easy.

To be sold with the maintainance for 2014/15 pre paid, available at short notice.

Price on application:

Hout Bay is one of the top destinations in the Western Cape and less than a half Hours drive from Cape Town City.

Contact me for pricing.


Now sold.

Mirror Dinghy for sale in Cape Town

Update, with the boat having been measured and found to be correct, plus the arrival often ISAF Mirror Dinghy plaques, we have now sold this first boat.

Orders for other builds and or kits possible.

After building the CNC kit, a world first by the way, the boat then had to be measured, I am pleased to say
that the build measured in every way.

We can now apply to ISAF for a Plaque and class number and sell this boat on.

Available now and to the first person who places their firm order.

This is the same boat prior to being fitted with the decks, we can supply part built boats or fully rigged to your choice.

Only to order !


From the RSA Mirror people today:

Attached please find the measurement certificate for the kit supplied by CKD Boats – everything measures.

We request that CKD Boats be accredited as a Kit Manufacturer of the Mirror Dinghy. Attached is a letter from the International Mirror Class of South Africa (IMCASA) supporting the application.