Saturday, 31 May 2014

Etch primers for rudder painting

Rudder etch primer coating.
We used a special twin pack etch primer on this rudder which would make a great bond to the tie coat before antifoul application.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Irwin 54 rudder etch primed

This is always a nice part of the job,it finishes the process as far as we are concerned too,the next step is to hang the rudder and apply International Paints Interprotect primer.The paint we have used is also an etch primer and a twin pack,two coats with a foam roller covers just about anything,it will etch to metals,epoxies and GRP.

The job needs two more applications on the otherside,I can then close for a bit of a break having worked through the Christmas and New Year holidays,there was little choice if yacht Chessie,the Irwin 54, this rudder will fit, was to have a chance of starting the next leg of the ARC Around the World Rally next saturday the 8th of January 2011 starting in Hout Bay.

Left click either picture to view in a larger size.

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The Irwin 54 rudder kit

Yes, we have this in our CNC files now!


Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Irwin 54 rudder glass work

Next will be sanding and  filler coats of  more sanding epoxy to fill up the grain from the biaxial weave cloth,we then fine fill with our Pro Fair fairing filler.
Each section of a build like this is a series of processes,all repeats  in many ways,its time consuming for sure,here we are applying the biaxial glass cloth and our own brand of epoxies.

Rudder and foil manufacture

With three orders to either rudders and foils now on the go we look to be accepted for such work?
In fact we have been making such items for years, with a 316 Stainless shop as a sub contractor we
can often supply the stainless fittings also.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Rudders and Foils from CKD Boats

Made to order and often as extras to the boats base kit, we can supply foils in a basic CNC shape format or fully finished and ready to fit.

These are to the Didi Mini Transat ( mini 650) one rudder is on the bench.

We can supply to other boat designs, such as the Irwin 54, Holiday 23, Didi 26, Sadler 34 and others.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Proteus 106 CNC cut panels

These are just three of some 120 panels that go to make the Proteus 106 catamaran kit. This one is special to South Africa as it will be assembled on the east coast and we will soon have a series of build pictures.

The order will be collected next week and will be transported to the build site for home construction.


Imagine setting this out by hand then cutting it out with an electric jig saw!

With spot on accuracy from the CNC machine and being repeatable we can make one designs time after time and once the first boat produced has been measured there will be little point in measuring those builds that follow?


A new Sadler 26 rudder

I say new and it will be but this original Sadler 26 which was GRP moulded here in Cape Town by Fortuna Marine needs its first rudder made. Even some thirty years on, this boat is still a top design in this size of boat.

We will make the rudder to sizes as supplied by Dave who has circumnavigated in his Sadler 26, with ownership still and after some thirty years, thanks to him we now have the original 1986 rudder and pintal design and can construct to the designers drawing and instruction sheet supplied.

How easy is this, keep watching and you will find out.

Rudders and foils are nothing new to us, check the link and date that we worked on the Irwin 54 replacement rudder.


And another link here



We now have the rudders dimensions and will bond the 12mm okoume marine blade together this week for shaping next week. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Yacht Voortrekker, an update by Frans

The way news comes in often amazes me but it does come in, we may wait months even years but then someone reads my blog and then makes contact as he or she have news on the subject which I am then pleased to add.

This is from Frans Loots and sure brings us lots of insider information on South Africas most famous sailing yacht named Voortrekker, my thanks to Frans.

Maybe just clarify for readers.

Ketch: Mizzen mast stepped in front of the rudder post.
Yawl: Mizzen mast stepped aft of the rudder post.
On Trekker the mizzen was stepped in front of the rudder post. On pictures one would see the helmsman in front of the mizzen and would then assume it was a yawl, not knowing where the rudder stock aft of the mast or about the linkage.

Morning Roy,
Re the pictures.
The first picture is the original Voortrekker, vd Stadt designed ketch built fot the 1968 OSTAR. Built in Knysna at Thesens. Dr Anton Rupert of Rembrandt Group underwrote the project and thus owned the boat.
After the OSTAR the South African Ocean Racing Trust campaigned the boat for a short while. The boat was then donated to the Navy by Dr Rupert. The mizzen mast was removed and the boat sailed as a rather undercanvassed sloop. Brian Lello, the editor of the now defunct SA Yachting designed a taller sloop rig for the boat. At the same time the navy built a new larger cabin top for the boat. In its first format the rudder was on a linkage system from the cockpit to the rudder shaft. Remember it started life as a ketch. The mizzen was in front of the rudder (ketch). Many folk would look at pictures and say, that was a yawl, not knowing about the linkage.
When the mizzen was removed, the tiller was put straight onto the rudder shaft and the lazarette opened up and turned into a steering well/ cockpit.
Back in 1975/1976 the old mizzen mast hung in the loft of the Navy sailing centre. The old main mast was donated to the merchant navy to be stepped as a mizzen mast for the Howard Davies their sail training vessel. 
Interestingly enough we raced the boat on a windy day in 1976 in table Bay and blew out most of the headsails. They were getting very old and the Navy was in no position to order new sails. Dr  Rupert got to hear about the blown out sails and the Monday morning phoned Bertie personally to give him the go ahead to place an order for new sails. I can remember Bertie coming out of his office. The smile! Dr Rupert was donating it to the boat. That was the nature of Dr Rupert and also the type of person Bertie was. People wanted to support Bertie. He was that kind of man.
Many years later, about 1981, the navy re built the cabin top into what the boat looks like today.
My sources: SA Yachting magazines 1967/ 1968/ 1969, and Bertie Reed who was my Chief in the Navy. I did national service at the sailing centre and Bertie was our Chief so I picked up lots of bits of info from him.

The second picture is the Lavranos deisgned 60 footer Voortrekker 2. In the picture she is sailing with a sugar scoop which made it a 65 footer. As a 60 footer she could be sailed in the OSTAR and races like the BOC Round the world s/handed races. Then for other fully crewed races the scoop was bolted on. This boat was built in-house by the Navy and launched at the end of 1981.

The last picture is the original Voortrekker on launch day. Although built in Knysna the boat was road hauled to Cape Town for the keel to be fitted and to be launched. Launching took place in the Navy dockyard.
There you have it.


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

For sale, a Jaguar 3.8 litre alloy cylinder head

Seen here with its valves fitted loose, all the parts are with the head and it is now for sale.
This fits the 3.8ltr six cylinder Jaguar engine and made circa 1965, it is the 8:1 compression head.

Click on the image for a large view.

The head is in the Cape Town area but we can ship country and worldwide.


Make yourself a spray dodger for your yacht

There are a number of ways to do this, we have a complete CNC cut kit on offer with all the glass and sealant required, or you can fashion one like Jeremy did in the pictures below, this was done on the boat and over a number of days, he produced a fine job!


Saturday, 21 November 2009

Resounds new spray dodger

Jeremy in action  in ( planning mode)
He really did a fine first time build of the boats spray dodger!

This was the first try at such work by Jeremy.

This became easier as he worked into the idea and ended up with exactly what he wanted.

Resound is a Lavranos 39 in GRP,untill now she has not had a spray dodger of any sort,thats no good idea with the winds we can get around the cape from time to time.The boats owner,Jeremy,decided to have a go at making a spray dodger himself,he used our 3mm thick Superform bending plywoods,with a few layers around the boats existing combings,it was an easy bend,as Superform takes that radius with ease.

Around three years later and the hard dodger looks good and works well.

Make it yourself using our Superform bending plywood, in stock right now in 3mm,5mm and 8mm thicknesses.

We can also recommend a local boat carpenter who can do the work for you.

How easy can it get!


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Monday, 26 May 2014

Build yourself the Bombaloza scull rowboat

More pictures of this great design.

We have the plans ready to cut a kit for you, plans cost R500, the kit costs R3551 plus Vat.

There is a single scull version as well.

Dave who designed the boat makes kit for the hardware as well.

The roll and sink test went well.

Heading out to sea.

Bombaloza kits are available to order.


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sir Jack Brabaham ( r.i.p)

I am a little late with this posting as I only found out yesterday.

My thanks to Howzit msn Sport for the image and words below.


Updated: Mon, 19 May 2014 05:34:24 GMT

Sir Jack Brabham dies

Motor racing legend Sir Jack Brabham, a three-time F1 World Champion, has died at the age of 88.

Sir Jack Brabham dies
Sir Jack Brabham dies
Motor racing legend Sir Jack Brabham, a three-time F1 World Champion, has died at the age of 88.
His family confirmed that the Australian passed away peaceful at his home on the Gold Coast on Monday morning.
His youngest son David said in a statement: "It's a very sad day for all of us. My father passed away peacefully at home at the age of 88 this morning.
"He lived an incredible life, achieving more than anyone would ever dream of and he will continue to live on through the astounding legacy he leaves behind."
Racing for Cooper Climax, Brabham won the first of his two Formula 1 World titles in 1959 and 1960.
After his second crown he set up a company with friend and fellow Australian Ron Tauranac to design and build their own cars.
To this day, Brabham remains the only driver in the sport's history to win a World Championship in a car that he manufactured. He won the 1966 title in the Brabham BT19.
He is survived by his wife, Lady Margaret, and sons Geoff, Gary and David.

Hyundai, good service needs shouting about!!!

This came in from a friend, its sure to make others wake up to what the words 'Good Service' means.

I am told that this Hyundai model ticks more boxes than any other car, it has features that others do not have at the price they sell for?


My car story for the week involves my little Hyundai i10. Clutch was slipping a bit – at 36000 kms!  Now I have never run a clutch before and am careful with that sort of thing. Anyway took it in to Hyundai in Plumstead – they had a look – found that the oilseal to the gearbox had leaked slightly into the clutch housing causing the slippage. One day later I had it back with new clutch, release bearing and oilseal, plus a good watch. Repaired under warranty – no charge at all and no arguments! Pleasant surprise!