Friday, 2 July 2010

Yacht interior mouldings and finishes

We have had at least two enquiries to yacht interior veneers and finishes this week,if its not for a slap of white paint and needle punch carpet you want,this is the way to go,we have the veneers and can make corners and hatch trims to order,the twin pack laquer is normally ex stock.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Didi Mini Cruise interior kit set

This is Johns Didi mini cruise build in England,we sent him a kit just over a year back,he fitted our interior and sorted out the forward bunks area himself.

With the Didi mini transat Mk 1 and 2 plus the Cruise version which has more interior space and a drop keel,we supply the entire boat precut and also the main interior,which is the main cabin bunks and water ballast tanks (can be used as storage space too) we will soon have the patterns to the cruise version forward cabin,then we will offer all of the bunks.The interior is part of our standard kit price,its a big time saver over having to set it out yourself,you will save at least a weeks working time.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The magnificent Bruce anchor

The genuine Bruce  anchor on the deck of my last boat,the weathering of the galvanised surface is the result of a family cruise,not bad for a whole year,beware of copies,a real Bruce anchor if forged steel,not cast Iorn,there is a difference,a big one,we used all 9mm chain with a nylon three stand rope snubber to ease damage on the boats Bobstay.

 Designed I am told to hold oil rigs steady in places like the North Sea,the production of yacht sized Bruce anchors was a good idea,I have used these and this design on two of my Endurance 37 yachts,sometimes in difficult places and more than once where other yachts were dragging,I have never had any bothers even once and this is from South Africa to far off places like Brasil,Trinidad and Tobago,Venezuela,a years trip that was very near 100% on anchor.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Alex and his Ginetta G15

Message from Alex,Hello Roy,

My car has 5,5+7x13 Alloy Wheels and the manifold have a special Airbox !!!

Regards Alex from Germany

Well not quite Alex himself but he has supplied some progress pictures of his Ginetta G15,it uses the Hillman Imp Sport engine and transaxle,Alex has done an engine upgrade on the carburetors fitting a pair of Weber 40dcoe carburetors and bought an inlet and exhaust manifold from us.